Stye: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Sturgeon is the infection that affects the eyelid and / or the entire conjunctiva. It is a temporary aesthetic discomfort that generates pain but disappears within 2-4 days (however, it depends very much on the extent of inflammation and individual sensitivity). Let's find out better.

Difference between stye and chalazion

Stones symptoms

Pain, redness and swelling of the area around the eyes are the most common symptoms related to the appearance of the stye. Often these symptoms are accompanied by intense burning .


The immune system weakens and here a bacterial infection can appear from colonies of different microorganisms often migrating from a conjunctivitis that is not completely healed.

In some people the stye tends to be recurrent as there is a particular predisposition to eye inflammation .


The diagnosis will first of all identify the disorder distinguishing it from the chalazion, which is instead a cyst resulting from glands placed in the eyelid. Generally enough the visual impact is enough to understand that it is a stye.



A diet rich in vitamin E , vitamin A and C should be used . Better to avoid sausages, red meat, sugar, milk, tomatoes, aubergines. Yes to increased consumption of raw vegetables and fruit.

Cooking should be steamed or otherwise light. Keep frying to a minimum.

You can learn more about all the properties of vitamins and foods that contain them

Herbal remedies for the stye

The sparkling par excellence is the chamomile, with a powerful soothing effect. You can make a pack with cotton soaked in a chamomile infusion, although in some cases you put the sachet directly on the eye for 15-20 minutes, at least a couple of times a day. A common remedy is also that of a pack of green tea with warm water.

An infusion of eyebright , cornflower, chamomile , marigold , elderberry is also excellent .

Yes to herbal teas that help purify the liver like those based on burdock or dandelion .

Bach flowers for the stye

Bach flowers work and act emotionally on the mechanisms of certain personalities, affecting the softening of personal characteristics. The inflammations can be linked to a character that "catches fire", which allows itself to be possessed by instinct. In other cases, something that generally restrains itself, manifests itself on the skin level.

Crab apple is very useful in case of infections as can be those related to the occurrence of the stye and, in general, for physical and mental purification. Hornbeam is specific for eye problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The disorder in Chinese medicine is identified as a strong energy imbalance. The eyes are closely related to the energy of the liver and its ability to purify the blood. Chinese medicine through acupuncture stimulates its functionality. Even with the Qi gong and the meditation in the preparation of Tai chi chuan we get to avoid stagnation of energy and feel the flow that goes in its natural direction.

The liver is affected by a possible feeling of excess of anger that generates skin problems and through the art that uses the body and the mind to transmit the change you can work a lot in this sense.


Homeopathic remedies for the eyes can vary greatly depending on the possible presence and state of the pus in the skin manifestation. Pulsatilla in general can stop or act on the size and growth of the stye. Hepar sulfur stops the suppuration.

Belladonna has a remarkable effect on the swollen and reddened eye, sensitive to light and affected by intense pain. Euphrasia is also useful for throbbing or stable pain and feeling of generalized discomfort to the eye .

Exercises and movement in the case of stye

Carefully avoid all those movements for which you bring your hands to your eyes ; if the hands are not clean and hygiene is scarce there is the risk of aggravating the state of the infection.

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