Biodynamic nutrition: body, soil, food

Why adopt a biodynamic diet

The choice to follow a biodynamic diet, or to eat food produced from a type of biodynamic agriculture is a choice that indirectly enriches and strengthens the organism. Why? If we think of our body, we are nothing but a vehicle within which substances pass.

How the biodynamic farmer listens to nature, observing, touching and really tasting the earth, nourishing it with the substances he needs, so the product that is born and that then arrives on our table is vital and living food for our body, represents a passage of important substances: this is what biodynamic agriculture and nutrition teach. The creator of this balance is the universe itself, at the hands of man.

Essentially, eating biodynamically means giving man the same important vital nourishment that has been given to the plant through the roots and the earth, a cure that allows both of them a healthy growth in a harmonious cycle.

How to eat following a biodynamic diet

A biodynamic diet is such if it consists of products of biodynamic origin. Today in Italy there are about 300 biodynamic companies and their products are all certified with the Demeter brand and the seal "from biodynamic agriculture".

This brand, born in 1927, ensures the biodynamic origin of products and processed in each country. Switching to the purchase of these products means taking 100% controlled and periodically analyzed foods.

The products are of excellence and high quality. The flavors, smells and natural aromas are those of the past, now on many forgotten tables, and they bring intact nutrients and energy.

How to find distributors? Demeter certifies biodynamic and that is why on the site you will find listed a whole series of distributors and processing companies of biodynamic products present in Italy.

The advantages of a biodynamic diet

A biodynamic cultivation increases soil fertility over time and makes food quality better. Thus it also does a biodynamic diet with the human body .

The final and short and long term goal is in fact to improve human health and that of the earth, in view of life for future generations.

Yes, therefore, to a biodynamic diet for young and old, for healthy people with pathologies, sports and allergies: experts advise the adoption of a biodynamic diet for anyone who cares about their health, wants to promote and improve vital processes and care of the world.

Tip: read the book by Annemarie Colbin, " Food and healing ". Also dedicate more than an instant to spend reading articles from "bio-aware" magazines.

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