Milan Yoga Festival 2012, sharing takes place

Three days in which we remember that sharing reduces the risk of isolation to a minimum. Three days of practicing yoga so as not to be alone within oneself, crushed by personalities that are too demanding to handle, that we ourselves build on ourselves.

Not islands but archipelagos of bodies and minds . Let's explore the Milan Yoga Festival 2012 which will be held from 12 to 14 October at Superstudio Più .

We are not one, but many. Not one, but many variations of yoga

Anusara, ashtanga, baptiste power vinyasa, zen buddhism, centered yoga guerrrilla yoga, hari om yoga, hatha yoga, iyengar, kriya yoga, kundalini, Mindfulness meditation, restorative yoga yoga beats, yantra yoga, yoga ratna, vinyasa fl ow, yoga krama. This and more at the Milan Yoga Festival 2012, an event open to possibility, to sharing.

There will be a special area for bioenergetics, as well as a section dedicated to food that will host Vegan Cooking Labs coordinated by Simone Salvini for Organic Academy. Yoga even for those who have never tasted yoga, thanks to Antonio Nuzzo's lessons. Next to a Kid's Area for the little ones, there will be an area dedicated to Ayurvedic and holistic medicine, a vegan restaurant, a yoga store.

Guests of the Milan Yoga Festival 2012

12 masters of international importance, lots of workshops from which we could learn, get inspiration, know. David Sye, already at the Roman edition, practices music and movement and leads to recognizing and undermining his mental and physical blocks. Dario Doshin Girolami will deepen a collective meditation experience. Prof. Surinder Singh, one of the leading experts in Nàd Yoga, musicologist and composer, protagonist of a seminar and a concert dedicated to the science of singing sacred hymns for spiritual growth. Bo Forbes is an American psychologist, Yoga teacher, creator of Elemental Yoga, a fusion of classical Yoga and mind-body medicine, she developed the Integrative Yoga Therapeutics ™ system, an innovative approach to problems such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, fertility, improved performance, prevention of injuries, rehabilitation and more.

Stewart Gilchrist comes from Jivamukti Yoga and will allow us to explore a dense and personal practice. Carlos Fiel is a character from the Iberian peninsula who intrigues us and not a little; yoga trainer, musician, doctor, researcher; his teachings are based on three axes (principles): growing in consciousness, evolving our heart and learning from reality. Roger Cole takes us to the world of Iyengar Yoga. Rebecca Pflaum combines dance and yoga.

Guests of honor: Jeremy Narby (already present at the Festival Aurora 2012), world-renowned anthropologist and scholar, and Antonio Marazzi, professor and anthropologist, will be the focus of a conference dedicated to Intelligence in Nature and the relationship with other cultures.

We share, we give, and, if we have the chance and the impulse, let's go.

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