Natural remedies for cellulite and overweight

Phytotherapy is among the natural remedies against cellulite and overweight: these are natural food supplements that must be combined with diet and physical activity. In fact, phytotherapy uses herbs, plants and their derivatives in the prevention and treatment of diseases without the secondary effects of traditional drugs.

For the treatment of cellulite, the preparations of phytotherapy (which can be easily found in all pharmacies or in herbalist's shops) must be taken for 2-3 months, are able to improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and can attenuate the "orange peel skin" effect typical of cellulite. The most effective plants against cellulite are FUCUS (helps dissolve fat) and LYMPH OF BIRCH (fights the swelling and water retention that is often the cause of cellulite ), DRIED ARTICHOKE EXTRACTS (exert a strong lipolytic action), the GRAMIGNA, TARASSACO and BARDANA with their powerful purifying action, purify the body from waste.

These substances can be taken alone or in combination, but care must be taken: the herbs contain the same active ingredients as the drugs, even if in smaller quantities, and their bad use or incorrect combinations can cause negative consequences. To naturally lose weight and fight cellulite, along with a balanced diet and constant physical activity, nature has made available four plants whose therapeutic virtues have been demonstrated by modern science: tea, orthosiphon, pineapple and the algae.

FUCUS: a slimming dietary supplement against cellulite and overweight

Among the different varieties of algae, the fucus deserves special attention. Fucus contains numerous mineral salts that effectively combat asthenia (fatigue). Every day we use this alga without knowing it: soaps, toothpastes, shower gel, creams often contain fucus. From a dietary point of view , fucus contains alginic acid and sodium alginate which forms a viscous gel in the stomach. This reduces acidity, protects the gastric mucosa and creates an obstacle to esophageal reflux. Alginates swell inside the stomach without being assimilated by the body, and play the role of hunger-breaker: they help to eat less and regulate the sense of satiety . For a treatment based on fucus, two capsules should be taken at midday and in the evening, a quarter of an hour before the main meals.

VIRGIN TEA: a dietary supplement useful in the diet to lose weight and for cellulite

Although less than coffee, tea contains caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system. Tea is also interesting from a therapeutic point of view: it contains an active substance that stimulates and extends the life of adrenaline. This hormone excretes fat from cells to burn them and slows down the assimilation of certain nutrients such as sugars and fats. Virgin tea is currently recommended in slimming diets. For a program that combines diet and virgin tea, 6 Camelia Thea (virgin tea) capsules should be taken per day. With a good diet program, combining with virgin tea allows you to lose up to 3 pounds per month.

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PINEAPPLE CONCENTRATE: natural food supplement against cellulite

The pineapple fruit is a very appreciated dessert, but the pineapple is also rich in sugar, which does not make it the ideal candidate for a slimming and slimming diet. On the contrary, the pineapple stem contains bromelain : this enzyme destroys the protein fibers that form the armor of cellulite and at the same time frees unwanted fats. Bromelain, due to its virtues, is used in surgery, stomatology, dermatology and also in traumatology because it reduces edema and hematoma due to sprains, fractures or dislocations. To dissolve cellulite, two pineapple concentrate capsules should be taken (at noon and in the evening) for one month and in association with orthosiphon.

ORTHOSIPHON: a slimming food supplement that should be combined with virgin tea and pineapple in the diet

"Koemis koetjing": this is how the Indonesians call the orthosiphon, a plant native to south-east Asia, where it has been used as a diuretic for centuries. The increase in urinary volume frees the body of large quantities of residues such as urea, chlorides and uric acid. Rich in flavonoids, orthosiphon eliminates fats released from virgin tea and pineapple. The orthosiphon is therefore an excellent complement in slimming diets and is associated with virgin tea and pineapple. In a low-calorie diet, two orthosiphon capsules should be taken in the morning, at noon and in the evening with a nice glass of water. To achieve lasting slimming effects, it is necessary to do treatments lasting one month several times a year.

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