Celestial Bioenergetic rebalancing

Starting already from our childhood we have all experienced traumatizing and heavy situations where our integrity has been undermined. We all once felt the feeling of being stuck without a real choice. We had to close our eyes and keep quiet. What few people know is that when we fail to deal positively with a painful and unpleasant experience, we activate an unconscious defense mechanism that isolates and crystallizes it in our body. Over time, others aggregate and create what we call nodes or energy blocks that go to lurk in circumscribed areas of the body, such as organs or joints. Here, for example, fear anger and sadness limit the vital flow to the disease.

Fortunately, these rocks disintegrate when a person becomes aware of the effect his beliefs and mental patterns have on his health and well-being. Then a new path begins to rebalance the emotional, sentimental, physical and mental sphere.

A bioenergetic operator is able to accelerate this process. Western medicine still has many difficulties in recognizing and revealing these disorders. In certain countries such as America, Great Britain and Switzerland, bioenergy operators are already collaborating in hospitals.

After a session, depending on the quantity and severity of the illness that the individual has submerged, he may experience a period of physical and emotional discomfort that can last for days. Fever symptoms for example, but also crying, excess anger and strange dreams may appear ... It is the proof that things move and that the person is metabolizing the ghosts of the past, making room for the present.

Eventually the vital energy put back into motion will strengthen not only health, but will also nurture creativity, the joy of living and self-esteem.

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