Remedies for toothache in children

Teething: what pain relief?

Toothache and children, what are the remedies? Teething can cause great discomfort to newborns and the pain can be so intense that it disturbs sleep, appetite and, in general, the serenity of the small child. Sometimes fever and / or intestinal disorders also appear. What to do? What are the remedies for toothache in young children?

One of the most classic remedies is teething rings : they are full of coolant and should therefore be kept in the fridge. Generally they give relief to the child both because the cold has a slight pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, and because children with teething teeth feel the need to "massage" their gums; there are now all shapes and colors and they also help because they represent a valid form of distraction.

Sometimes, especially when fever appears, the pediatrician can recommend the use of paracetamol, which is the most widely used painkiller and antipyretic in children.

It may also be useful to resort to the use of homeopathy for children, avoiding, however, DIY and requesting the advice of a homeopath.

Some of the old grandmother's remedies such as the application of rosé honey, which is not indicated in children under one year of age and can favor the onset of tooth decay, should be avoided.

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Remedies for toothache in older children

The first of remedies for toothache in children, as in adults, is prevention . The causes of pain can be multiple: caries, traumas, gingivitis and various other disorders. To prevent tooth disorders, it is good practice to have a check-up at the dentist's office at least once a year. It is also essential to educate children about oral hygiene.

In any case, pain represents an alarm bell and the cause must therefore always be investigated. In the meantime, it may be useful to resort to some effective natural remedies in case of toothache in children :

  • if the child is large enough to be able to rinse, prepare a solution by dissolving a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinsing his mouth two or three times a day;
  • mallow is a natural remedy for toothache. When the cause is gum, it is useful to rinse with a cold infusion ;
  • in younger children, simply apply cold packs to the outside of the swollen cheek;
  • another of the remedies for toothache in children, as in adults, is to sleep with a raised torso, ie using two pillows.

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