Menopause: help from Bach flowers and Australian flowers

Menopause: symptoms and disorders

Menopause is a delicate period in a woman's life . This is a very important step for various aspects: both from a physical and emotional point of view that, before or after, must be faced and managed in the best possible way.

Western society, based on the myth of youth to maintain over time at all costs and physical beauty as an indispensable business card, certainly does not help to welcome this event that marks the end of female reproductive age with serenity and brings with it physical changes and humoral, due to hormonal changes that, at least for some time, cause several management problems.

Obviously not all women have the same symptoms and even these do not manifest with the same intensity. For some the passage is almost painless: they do not have particular disorders and, in some cases, the end of the fertile period can be experienced as a sort of liberation, especially when the menstrual cycle has been particularly painful, also because it shelters the risk of unwanted pregnancies.

For these women who, it must be said, are a minority, certainly plays in favor of the psychological aspect: a positive attitude towards the changes that are taking place in one's own body very often affects the greater or lesser severity of the disorders that accompany the climacteric.

Most women, on the contrary, live this moment with a more or less accentuated emotional distress and this can only make the small or large disorders caused by menopause even more unbearable.

The good news is that, in the vast majority of cases, these disorders, with time, tend to decrease in intensity until they disappear completely. Only in a small percentage of women do the symptoms persist for life.

Help is provided by Bach flowers and Australian flowers

Fortunately, especially in recent years, research has made great strides in this area too and today it is possible to keep the most disabling problems under control thanks to specific medicines (estrogens and progestins), to be taken always and strictly under strict medical supervision .

For those who, for personal belief, philosophy of life or even pathologies that are incompatible with the aforementioned substances, prefer to rely on nature and its wonderful remedies, valid integrators exist on the market and, for an action that is not only physical, but which helps to restore emotional well-being, an excellent alternative is given by Bach Flowers and the essences of the Australian Bush discovered by Ian White.

They act on our energy body which conveys the information contained in the mixture and makes it accessible to the physical and emotional component, helping to restore homeostasis and psychophysical well-being .

Since these are substances that act on an energetic and non-chemical level, Bach Flowers and Australian Flowers have no side effects or interaction problems with any drugs taken simultaneously .

Let's see together which are the most common symptoms that accompany the advent of the climacteric (or end of menstruation) and which essences can help mitigate them.

Physical and mental fatigue

There is less physical strength, also due to the fact that muscle density gradually tends to decrease and often there is much more fatigue than in the past. For this reason, even if laziness has prevailed throughout life, it is really time to shake it off and dedicate a little bit of one's daily time to healthy physical activity . If swimming or gym are not for us, a walk in the park or a bike ride, maybe with friends, is fine. In any case, the watchword is: movement!

The essences that help when menopause brings greater physical fatigue are as follows:

Boronia (Australian Flower): it is the flower that is right for you if the physical and mental fatigue is due to the lack of sleep, particularly if you cannot sleep because of the thoughts that continue to swirl in the mind; and the more one tries to drive out anxieties and worries, the more they face the scene of the mind, occupying all the space and preventing them from sleeping.

Boronia helps to find the mental calm necessary to rest.

Bush Iris (Australian Flower): this essence goes to balance the epiphysis or pineal gland, regulating the sleep-wake rhythm which, in some cases, is altered by menopause. Bush Iris, restoring this balance, allows you to go back to enjoying a restful sleep.

Macrocarpa (Australian Flower): for those women who are very tired, physical and / or mental, accompanied by stress. Very often they continue to behave as if they were in their twenties, scrambling without any regard. These women neglect the warning signs that the body sends them and can even collapse or become seriously ill.

This Australian flower allows to follow the rhythms that are congenial to the new psychophysical needs without fretting if you don't have the energies of a girl anymore.

Olive (Bach flower): when some symptoms of menopause, such as insomnia or poor quality of sleep, do not allow you to rest adequately and this leads to always feeling tired, in the mind and in the body, so much so that you don't even feel regenerated when you get up in the morning.

Olive helps to tune in to the frequencies of your body and to capture the messages it sends. In this way the energies are optimized for what is really important, leaving us to exhaust ourselves in a thousand not so fundamental activities.

White Chestnut (Bach Flower): the hormonal alteration can also lead to disturbance to the sleep cycle - waking up and during the night, if you can't sleep, your thoughts take over, producing the unpleasant sensation of being at the mercy of a disk broken that no longer stops playing and that you can not stop in any way. Obviously this impression only increases anxiety, further removing sleep.

This essence helps to rebalance the energy centers of the solar plexus and heart chakras, in this way there is a greater perception of one's emotional life and feelings can be processed before they become repetitive and agitated thoughts.

Caldane and hyperhidrosis

Caldane and hyper perspiration, which occur mainly during the night .

The hormonal changes can cause sudden and annoying hot flushes, with a consequent rise in body temperature.

The body, to overcome this, sends to the sweat glands the command to cool the body by emitting a large amount of sweat . Obviously this is not a pleasant situation, whether you are in the company of other people, because you can feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, whether it happens at night and alter the quality of sleep.

Surely sleeping in a well-ventilated environment and using cotton or other natural fibers that allow better transpiration can be helpful, as well as avoiding spicy foods and spices, spirits, super spirits and various exciting ingredients, such as tea and coffee .

However, if these precautions are not sufficient, then the Bach flowers and Australian flowers help us with their extraordinary virtues.

Billy Goat Plum (Australian Flower): this essence is very useful in case you have difficulty accepting, and even more to love, the body that changes. If the embarrassment caused by the hot flashes and the sudden and copious sweating turns into disgust or even repulsion for one's physical manifestations, Billy Goat Plum helps to make peace with the parts of one's new physicality that is more difficult to to accept.

Holly (Bach flower): when the physical manifestation of caldane and sweating leads to a sudden anger that cannot be suppressed, due to the fact that one no longer feels able to control one's body, which seems to act in total autonomy. This envy, in many cases, only makes the situation worse, triggering a dangerous spiral that feeds on itself.

Holly helps to restore emotional calm, resulting in a gradual restoration of a correct body temperature.

Mulla Mulla (Australian Flower): it is the essence that, par excellence, acts on the intensity and duration of the caldane. This flower is particularly suitable when hot flashes end up seriously affecting the quality of life of women.

Mulla Mulla progressively decreases its intensity and duration, allowing to return to homeostasis.

Impairment of mood

The hormonal imbalances, as well as acting on the physical body, can have a clear repercussion even on moods that become fluctuating with propensity to discouragement and pessimism .

To counter this trend, which can, in the most serious cases, cross over into episodes of depression, it is recommended to maintain or recover good life habits, such as playing sports, eating properly, cultivating one's hobbies and interests, surrounding oneself with positive people and not closing in on themselves but, on the contrary, weaving quality social relationships .

To give a hand in putting these good intentions into practice, once again, Bach flowers and Australian flowers help us.

Beech (Bach flower): if menopause brings with it, or exacerbates, a tendency to hypersensitivity, lunacy, criticality, this essence can be of much help.

Very often these attacks on people or situations around them are nothing more than an attempt, most often unconscious, to defend themselves, because they feel extremely vulnerable and unstable. When these attitudes tend to take over, the risk of compromising one's social life becomes real, adding further problems to those already present, due to the delicacy of the moment.

This Bach flower invites greater tolerance, allowing us to see also the good of those around us and not just the negative sides.

Black - Eyes Susan (Australian Flower): some women have such a strong refusal of menopause to deny their symptoms even to themselves. Obviously this feeling of total non-acceptance towards one's body and its manifestations, in the long run, can be very deleterious, both from the physical point of view and from the psyche.

This essence helps to accept menopause as a natural passage in a woman's life.

Bottlebrush (Australian Flower): menopause brings with it inevitable changes, both physically and emotionally.

This Australian flower helps to let go of the past and to begin this new phase of life with enthusiasm and optimism.

Bush Fuchsia (Australian Flower): if you begin to doubt your own instinct this is the perfect essence: Bush Fuchsia in fact helps to develop intuition giving new confidence in itself and in its decision-making abilities.

Crowea (Australian Flower): if menopause is experienced as a "indigestible morsel that you just can't manage to swallow", if there is a total rejection of this event, so as to deny itself and those around you that this moment of life has arrived.

In some cases this "undigested morsel" may even appear as a "weight on the stomach" which, if not resolved, creates digestive problems in the long run. This essence has a calming effect, both on the mind and on the body.

It allows you to let go of anxiety and stress and replace them with well-being and tranquility. A new self-awareness is acquired, which gives security and removes the feeling of feeling inadequate.

Heather (Bach flower): if you realize, or someone points out to us, that menopause, its symptoms and the changes it has brought to everyday life have become the topic of preferred conversation, even in situations and with people totally out of context, this Bach flower is strongly recommended: it allows us to resize this passage which, although very important in a woman's life, must not become predominant and totally condition her life.

Heather helps to regain possession of the other areas of everyday life, giving the climaterio the right space and not allowing it to gobble up everything else.

Isopogon (Australian Flower): it can happen that, due to the drop in estrogen, we can also accompany an annoying decrease in memory which, in turn, generates stress and frustration.

In this case the essence of the Australian Bush Isopogon is very useful as it helps to recover the memories of the past, both in terms of abilities that were believed lost and memories and forgotten knowledge. Moreover, this flower has the faculty to make it possible to learn from lived experiences, in order to avoid continuing to commit the mistakes of the past.

Monga Waratah (Australian Flower): this essence is particularly indicated when, following the arrival of menopause and the hormonal imbalances that can occur, there is a sense of emptiness and one tends to fill it with excessive attachment to habits or people.

If the sense of loneliness becomes unbearable and you feel the need to fill it compulsively with food or smoke, but even if the pleasure of shopping, rather than sport or play, gives way to an out of control desire, if you fail to appreciate a moment of solitude but, on the contrary, one feels the need to constantly hear someone close, even by telephone, Monga Waratah is the Australian flower indicated.

This essence helps to strengthen one's personal will and to be free from conditioning.

Peach Flowered Tea Tree (Australian Flower): this essence is particularly suitable in cases where, due to hormonal fluctuation, mood swings, lack of interest in things or situations that, until recently, were considered exciting, boredom are accompanied, frustration and, very often, a sudden and unmotivated fear of getting sick.

Peach Flowered Tea Tree promotes the restoration of one's emotional stability, in this way excessive worries about health are reduced, without this implying neglect, and one finds, gradually, at first the will and then the enthusiasm to pursue one's goals.

Scleranthus (Bach Flower): this essence is very suitable for mood swings, along with Peach Flowered Tea Tree.

This Bach flower supports the rediscovery of one's inner balance, so that one no longer feels at the mercy of events but, on the contrary, calm, calm and able to face events without being overwhelmed.

Non-acceptance of the changing body

In a society where beauty rhymes with youth, accepting the passing of time and leaving its marks on the body is not at all easy, especially for women who, in Western culture, are used to measuring a large part, also due to education of their value in terms of physical attractiveness .

Menopause then, with its repercussions, seems to accelerate this race towards old age and physical decay even more.

In reality this is not the only way in which this season of life can be lived: Bach flowers and Australian flowers can give great support in facing the body changes with serenity .

Billy Goat Plum (Australian Flower): this essence is useful, not only to accept, but also to learn to love, your body that changes.

This Australian flower helps to accommodate, without embarrassment, or worse, disgust, any physical manifestations such as, for example, caldane or copious sweating, which menopause can bring with it.

Billy Goat Plum favors a positive perception of the woman's vision of herself, even at a bodily level.

Crab Apple (Bach flower): if the cessation of the menstrual cycle causes a sense of congestion and one senses one's body as in need of purification, this essence discovered by Dr. Edward Bach can bring great relief, as it relieves the feeling of feeling impure and favors the acceptance of the new physical condition.

Chichory (Bach Flower): this essence is very useful when the feeling of congestion is accompanied by that of retention. Very often the physical feeling is associated with a comparison with the aspect of youth, which leads to regrets for the lost attractiveness and, in some cases, also for the bitterness towards those who appear younger and more attractive.

Chicory helps you live the physical and emotional changes of this season of life with serenity, accepting them as a natural passage.

Five Corners (Australian Flower): if menopause has brought with it a few extra kilos or some other change in its physical appearance that you just can't manage to accept, so you camouflage yourself in shapeless clothes and dull colors to try to pass as unobserved as possible, this essence helps us not only to look at imperfections, but to completely reconsider our being, welcoming it and loving it for what it is.

When too much attention is paid to every single comment on one's physical form and the judgment of others is so feared that even the company of loved ones is avoided, it means that there is no acceptance of itself and, in these cases, the Australian Five flower Corners favors the recognition of one's own beauty and the acceptance of one's own being, both internally and externally.

Life can be beautiful at any age, but if you can no longer even look in the mirror with a little bit of love for yourself, everything becomes more difficult. This Australian flower helps you to accept this new phase of life by also taking the positive aspects.

Illawarra Flame Tree (Australian Flower): if you no longer feel desirable and therefore, for fear of being rejected, you close in on themselves.

Menopause, in some cases, can be accompanied by a loss of confidence in itself. The woman feels marginalized, left aside, she has the feeling of being now out of the world "of the people who matter" and sees herself relegated to the margins of a society that rewards only beauty and youth. This Australian flower gives the ability to take responsibility for oneself, that is, to understand that, if you first exclude yourself from situations and draw aside, it will be increasingly difficult for someone to look for you and involve you.

Illawarra Flame Tree favors the growth of an inner strength that brings with it self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-approval.

P ink Flannel Flower (Australian Flower): if, looking in the mirror, you can't find anything good in what is happening to your body and, the longer you look at it, the more the mood turns black.

This Australian flower helps to shift the point of view: from the negative to the positive. Instead of being saddened by what one is no longer, one learns to enjoy the positive aspects of situations. It allows you to appreciate and enjoy the small and great joys of life, appreciating every moment of existence.

She Oak (Australian Flower): when, following menopause, a woman no longer feels feminine, she loses the pleasure of taking care of her physical appearance and prefers to wear clothes that spoil her grace, rather than clothing that enhances her sex appeal . This essence helps rediscover the pleasure of feeling feminine.

She Oak also promotes the cellular absorption of liquids, which can be altered by hormonal changes. In this way, not only all the internal organs can continue to enjoy the correct and healthy hydration, but also the skin, continuing to recall the water it needs, slows down the aging process and remains turgid and compact for longer in the time.

Walnut (Bach Flower): useful when it is hard to accept the inevitable physical and emotional changes that menopause brings.

This Bach flower helps you get used to it and, in some cases, even appreciate the changes in this new phase of life. Every moment of existence brings positive and negative changes, Walnut lets you catch the first ones leaving others in the background.

Repercussions on sexual life

Physical disorders more or less marked, mood swings, non-acceptance of the changes to which the body is subjected, rarely benefit this aspect of a woman's life. It can happen that she feels tired, irritated, depressed, unattractive or irreparably aged : all states of mind that, of course, do not favor the natural manifestation of female libido.

And yet, from this point of view, there are many advantages that arise, if you can only look at the positive side of the situation : you no longer run the risk of incurring unwanted pregnancies, you know your body very well with the his preferences and desires, he has more experience, which allows him to give and receive more pleasure.

Some Australian flowers, thanks to the energy of their uncontaminated land, can foster a fulfilling sexual life even during the delicate period of menopause.

Billy Goat Plum (Australian Flower): this essence is very useful when the woman, due to physical changes and some manifestations such as, for example, caldane and hyperhidrosis, shows aversion towards herself, her own organs and feels discomfort or shame during the sexual act.

If you can no longer get pleasure from your body but, on the contrary, feel dirty and feel repugnance towards yourself or towards sex. Billy Goat Plum favors the finding of acceptance of one's appearance, allowing one to derive joy from sexual pleasure.

She Oak (Australian Flower): it may happen that, following the decrease in the production of female hormones, a problem of female dryness manifests itself, which can make coitus unpleasant, or even painful. The moisturizing action of this Australian flower keeps vaginal secretion constant, eliminating discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Wisteria (Australian Flower): if, following menopause, a woman no longer feels attractive, she loses faith in herself and her partner, and refuses sexual pleasure. A sort of physical and emotional blockage is triggered, which no longer allows one's feelings to express themselves.

This essence helps you to let go, to rediscover your body and allow it to feel and express your sexual pleasure.

The Bach flowers and Australian flowers have no contraindications or side effects, so if you wish, you can try to identify for yourself which are the most suitable essences for your problems. To obtain a more incisive result it is however preferable to turn to an experienced professional who is able, over time, to modulate the different essences according to the needs and the changes that can occur and that are individual, as well as every woman is unique.

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