Spleen and Mononucleosis

In the case of some infectious diseases the spleen responds actively swelling .

We are talking about splenomegaly : a particular case is given by mononucleosis, but also by other bacterial infections such as syphilis, malaria, or by very serious pathologies such as neoplasms such as leukemia and lymphoma.

Our Spleen is an alarm bell that responds to the alterations of our immune system and white blood cells are the signalers that something is not working properly.

The enlarged Spleen may be asymptomatic, or manifest pain and swelling in the left side of the abdomen, fatigue, and also tendency to bleed.

Finding yourself with an enlarged Spleen is also dangerous in itself as well as for the triggering cause: splenomegaly can lead to rupture of the spleen, if infectious diseases are contracted or trauma is suffered.


Mononucleosis, otherwise called kissing disease, has a very common incidence, because transmissibility is quite easy. It can be transmitted through saliva or the use of contaminated objects, such as towels, same glasses, cutlery.

The mononucleosis is due to the Human Herpesvirus 4 (HHV-4), a virus to keep under control because it can be "father" of very serious pathologies.

Often mononucleosis is asymptomatic, or show symptoms similar to other disorders.

It is good to pay attention in any case to all the manifestations that our body sends us and contact the doctor to carry out simple but fundamental blood tests:

> Sore throat, tonsillitis, adenoids or swollen lymph glands.

> Fever .

> Fatigue, constant fatigue.

> Night sweats .

> Rashes, as a rash .

> Enlarged spleen .

> Values ​​raised by ESR and transaminases .

Spleen functions

Often we hear about the removal of the Spleen as if it were a gland without vital importance, in reality, it is true without a spleen that one does not die, but covers extremely important roles above all in our immune system.

> It is our control unit in case of infections, triggering the production of antibodies and increasing that of white blood cells.

> It is the sweep of aged and therefore useless globules in both white and red blood.

> It is our warehouse of iron, platelets and white blood cells.

Remedies for the Spleen

With regards to problems of an enlarged spleen, the treatment is closely linked to the cause, which once cured and eradicated, such as mononucleosis, will also resolve the enlargement of the Spleen.

In general we can work "remotely" on the Spleen through dispersal Shiatsu and Plantar Reflexology practices.

Turning to a Naturopath, drug treatment can be integrated into natural practices that speed recovery times.

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