Healthy feet, healthy body

Fuße gut, alles gut, "Healthy feet, healthy body" is the title of the beautiful book by Carsten Stark, translated into Italian by Laura Bortot and published in Italy by Edizioni Il Punto d'Incontro.

The dedication is to his brother " who has had to renounce a career at world level from high jumpers for not well identified medical causes ".

The book is based above all on concrete experiences, practical anecdotes, feasible advice; it is not just another theoretical book on how the foot receives all the reflex points of the body . It is not yet another manual that is difficult to apply in practice.

In the last ten years the author has worked as a podiatrist and has developed his own approach based on the cases seen, treated, addressed and provides an important message, which concerns the possibility of getting back on his feet, really and metaphorically, getting up on his limbs, with his own arts, talents, passions: " Stand up again, find your step and your way. Believe me, feet and footprints don't lie " the author writes with enthusiasm and truth.

The feet, the base (of health) of the body

This beautiful book deals with "hot" issues, from hallux valgus to shoes and takes all the advice given in this regard, including the great market for insoles, bringing back to the concrete reality for which unfortunately in the presence of chronic disorders tend however, not to look at the feet, lengthening a healing process that should start from the plant .

The author has created a real "podiatric cartography" and has put together many experiences starting from the personal, direct one, of a back pain that he didn't want to leave for over 18 months. Doctors and specialists tend to neglect the feet. And this book is special because it gives you the power to remember it first of all to yourself.

The feet in this book are treated as fundamental factors that influence proprioception, cardio-circulatory system, static, control systems, metabolism, locomotion and even psyche. And everything explained in first person, with direct words, which take the reader by the hand (or the foot?).

In fact, it seems that the author's progress is precisely that of accompanying his step by step.

The feet are the base; on them we load the weight every day. When there is pain it is possible that some flawed modes of functioning have for a long time deviated from a natural functionality with repercussions on all the cells involved. This happens. It procures usury and dysfunction.

"healthy feet, healthy body")%>

Here are 3 do-it-yourself natural creams for foot health

Practical exercises and tips for the feet

Among the first practical exercises to familiarize yourself with your feet is what you need to discover the support, for which two white A4 sheets are needed. Even the reading of digital images is a great way to understand if the foot is crooked or is working badly, thus going to put the body in a situation of imbalance to compensate in the most "economic" way in terms of forces and carriers. If the muscles are stretched with different intensities this depends on the imbalance in question.

Then follow practical advice on buying shoes, starting from what the author calls the "zero heel rule" : the foot should have the same distance from the ground at the front as back. A shoe that is too cushioned is also not good for the brain and feet.

An analysis is made of the different types of shoes and consequences that can lead to the foot in the long run. The alternation of situations is desirable, considering that the shoe is always and in any case a compromise .

So: go barefoot, do exercises, wear shoes when necessary but remember to have your feet alive and active when you take them off. The extensive analysis dedicated to the business of foot therapies is also very interesting : orthotics, injections, surgical operations.

This book reminds us of how perfect and perfect we are, how much we should not let go and throw in the towel even when a foot problem seems unsolvable. It teaches us to honor the 26 bones that together weigh just 150 grams but which are supported, celebrated and activated by a complex and wonderful system of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. It helps us rethink pain as a directional signal, at the foot-eye-vision connection.

In summary, a small book that can change the support of the foot to start and also life, so to speak.

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