Large companies and the freezing of eggs for employees

The Silicon Valley egg race

He made the decision of some big companies talk a lot, they have long since decided to rely on medical science and technology to "help" women and possible future mothers in career . How? Freezing the eggs! Let's see what it is.

Comes directly from Silicon Valley, in particular from Facebook and Apple, the idea and the proposal to pay the proceedings to allow female employees to freeze eggs in the eventuality and possibility of having children in a future moment.

This is the support that the two web and technology giants want to give to women . In fact, while Facebook would have already implemented the procedure, Apple would start everything starting next January.

Eggsurance, pro-freezing dependent women

Thus a group supporting egg freezing called Eggsurance was born from Brigitte Adams, a convinced supporter of the project.

The interesting thing is that, over time, you can read the stories of those who have joined this initiative to safeguard female work and the family. Here is the story of Jenni Frappier, author of a personal blog and a documentary with the emblematic title Chill on the subject.

It is, as explained in the website, a "moving documentary on the struggle of a single thirty-five year old woman who wishes to preserve her fertility and dreams of motherhood through the freezing of eggs".

She herself began filming the documentary even before deciding to freeze the eggs, exposing reflections, doubts and thoughts on parenting and fertility . Through the film she shares her story with vulnerability, courage and a sense of humor. Chill thus becomes more than a film, it is an awareness. Here is the video that explains his path.

Concerns about freezing eggs

However, as reported by La Repubblica, not everyone is so convinced of the success of the operation : if on the one hand there is the right of women to choose for their career, without precluding for this the right to become mothers, from the another is the somewhat skeptical view of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine ( ASRM ) regarding both the percentage of success of the procedure and the very high costs of the entire operation.

Out of curiosity, here is the link of the Ministry of Health report which reports the results and success rates in Italy with the use of artificial fertilization methods, including cryopreservation .

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