Eastern Reiki vs Western Reiki

We are used to knowing Reiki by reading it in hundreds of internet sites systems and concepts that are NOT ABSOLUTELY the reality of true Eastern Reiki. The Universal Sinergy Reiki wants to eliminate all those limits and those " beliefs " that have been established within Western systems. The USR has done several very detailed research to rediscover the true teachings of Mikao Usui and NOT his successors. Below we list our conclusions.

Eastern Reiki vs Western Reiki

Western Reiki. The Reiki operator, through the laying on of hands, channels Reiki energy to stimulate the recipient's Self-Healing.

Eastern Reiki. The Reiki operator, through the laying on of hands, enters into communion with the recipient. They share together what is called Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love Sentiment can help both the receiver and the operator to purify themselves of what is not synonymous with well-being and serenity.

Western Reiki. Reiki is an Intelligent Energy.

Eastern Reiki. Reiki is Universal Unconditional Love Energy, which is why if it were really intelligent, it would go to every part of the Universe to purify every person, animal, plant, object, place, etc. with Unconditional Love.

Western Reiki. At the end of a treatment it is good to rub or blow on the hands to "disconnect" from Reiki.

Eastern Reiki. At the end of a treatment there is NO need for any rubbing or blowing on the hands because there is no disconnection with something that is an integral part of you in every moment of your life.

Western Reiki. During a surgical procedure it is not necessary to do Reiki to the patient because it could go against anesthesia. Reiki is an energy of love and as such facilitates relaxation and well-being, so it cannot go against an anesthetic.

Western Reiki. In the first level there are 4 harmonizations to do on the "student".

Eastern Reiki. Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki) never mentioned this, indeed he himself never did any particular ritual. The Ritual serves only as "concentration" for the intent to be accomplished. But it is not essential.

Western Reiki. A Reiki Master ACTIVATES the Reiki energy in the recipient.

Eastern Reiki. A Reiki Master does not activate anything, because Reiki is already present in all of us (being part of the whole). The task of a Master is to make the recipient aware, invites him to wake up by himself !!!

Western Reiki. There is a huge difference between Pranotherapy and Reiki.

Eastern Reiki. There is no difference between Pranotherapy and Reiki, it changes only in the form of application.

Western Reiki. Reiki has a price list that must be respected.

Eastern Reiki. Reiki has NO PRICE! It is an energy that IS NOT GIVEN to you, because you already possess it. The master IS NOT ABSOLUTELY superior to the others. The Master can request a "payment" for the service performed.

Western Reiki. Reiki is energy that heals.

Eastern Reiki. Reiki is energy that purifies.

Western Reiki . Start at Reiki you become a CHANNEL.

Eastern Reiki Nothing is channeled and you do not become a channel through Reiki initiation. WE ARE ALREADY A CHANNEL OF ENERGY! In an ocean a wave cannot channel water and send it to another wave, because the other wave is also WATER. You can only SHARE!

Western Reiki. Reiki eliminates negative energies.

Eastern Reiki. Reiki helps self-transformation of congested energies. The perspective of observing a Malaise is changed.



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