Pistachio from Bronte, an all Sicilian excellence

The green gold, so called the Bronte pistachio, is grown in Sicily, at the foot of Mount Etna, in the territory of Bronte, in fact.

It represents over 90% of Italian pistachio production and about 2% of the world production.

It has always existed, or in any case for a very long time, but the notoriety has grown enormously in the last ten years and, consequently, also the request. In 2009 it obtained the Protected Designation of Origin PDO .

The harvest takes place at the end of summer, between August and September, but only in alternate years. One year the harvest, the following year the buds are eliminated to protect the plant.

How to recognize the Bronte pistachio

The real Bronte pistachio has a cost that starts from a minimum of 40 euros per kilogram.

And here are its main features:

> The Bronte pistachio has an elongated shape . A round-shaped pistachio is not from Bronte. This, however, is a characteristic that can be noticed if the shelled product is observed.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself facing a pistachio with a shell, pay attention to the extremities that are generally not very pronounced and are turned upwards. Other types of pistachios have a similar shape and therefore it is also necessary to observe the color.

> The cuticle covering the Bronte pistachio has a color that tends to aubergine purple with light green reflections while the seed inside is emerald green, which can be brighter or softer, but never yellowish.

> And then the taste ... which tends towards sweetness and is delicate and aromatic .

> Finally, if you buy the packaged product, check that the label carries the words "Pistachio verde di Bronte DOP ".

Characteristics of the Bronte pistachio

The Bronte pistachio contains a percentage of chlorophyll that is superior to other types of pistachio and it is to this that we owe the intense green color ..

After harvesting, the pistachios are left to dry in the sun for 4 or 5 days.

The Bronte pistachio is not roasted or even salty .

The Bronte pistachio in the kitchen

Bronte pistachio is not only an excellent natural snack; thanks to the delicate and aromatic flavor it finds different uses in the kitchen.

It is used in confectionery, for the preparation of cakes, sweets, nougats, mousses, confetti, ice creams, granitas.

But not only. The Bronte pistachio is an excellent ingredient also in savory preparations, in first and second courses, in arancini, or in the preparation of sausages, first of all the mortadella.

Excellent, for example, pesto alla brontese, a very tasty sauce for pasta or to accompany bruschetta.

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