Chinese green tea

Chinese green tea is one of the most drunk in the world. In China, green tea takes its name depending on the province of origin or the place where it was born.

There are lots of Chinese green teas, the best known are Gunpowder, Pi Luo Chun, Long Jing, Mao Feng, Hua Ding, Plum blossom.

Chinese green tea: Gunpowder

Among these Chinese green teas stands first of all the Gunpowder, the most exported Chinese green tea, nicknamed "gunpowder" because its leaves are rolled up in small very closed pallets that look like the grains of the explosive mixture, ready to explode, or to open, when they are put in hot water.

Many people appreciate the slightly smoky taste of this tea which has a high fluoride content, great for reducing dental caries. Gunpowder is slightly bitter and has a full aroma. It is the most widespread green tea in China and easily available in specialized shops, but also in Italian herbalists and supermarkets.

Chinese green tea: other varieties

Pi Luo Chun is a precious green tea, it has spiral-rolled leaves, in fact it is also nicknamed Green Spiral, it has a sweet, light and slightly fruity taste. This Chinese green tea comes from the Jiangsu area, its harvest is done in early spring.

The Long Jing, the well-known Dragon Wall, is a high quality Chinese green tea that has won 26 times regional and national awards. It comes from Kaihua and is the most loved green tea by the Chinese. Its cost is quite high.

The Plum blossom is a very precious Chinese green tea, sweet and fragrant, with a full and unmistakable taste, it is also recognizable by the unusual flower shape of the leaves. There are six petals of the flower, and a precious bud is kept in each petal. The long and special processing process, as well as the taste that also touches the notes of the juiciest apricot, make it a contemplation tea.

Hua Ding is a traditional Chinese green tea: early Buddhist monks cultivated it around their temple. Legend has it that a Japanese monk visiting the temple fell in love with this Chinese green tea and brought the plant to Japan, hence the spread.

Mao Feng is a precious Chinese green tea grown at an altitude of 800 meters, in fact it comes from Huangshan Mountain, the Chinese Yellow Mountain.

Curiosity: If you are invited to drink tea in China, at least two cups must be drunk so as not to offend the landlord!

Finally, here is a music specially designed for Chinese green tea that can accompany and cheer your sipping!

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