5 ideas for an ecovillage experience

August is approaching and you still haven't decided what to do for the holidays? To leave or not to leave, and if so, where to go?

With a family, alone or with friends, consider a completely new proposal, perhaps you are still in time to make an alternative life experience in an ecovillage : many realities throughout the peninsula offer longer or shorter stay and activity packages diversified, like a couple of days of the Festival, or a period of voluntary collaboration in various projects - from the restoration of buildings, permaculture, synergistic gardens, green building - or meditation courses, knowledge of spontaneous herbs, manual and artistic works and so much more.

Let's find out what it is all about.

An ecovillage summer

There are some ecovillages in Italy, scattered throughout the peninsula, from north to south. These are realities of various types, from those more oriented towards the spiritual aspect - fundamentally inspired by India and neo-hippy - to those that promote green building and environmental and agricultural sustainability as the main point - that can teach you to build houses of straw or to design a synergistic vegetable garden - and then finish also in those that offer a 360-degree naturist life.

The ecovillages are mostly concentrated in hilly and Apennine areas, just above the sea or, many, among the green of Tuscany. Not all ecovillages, however, are so open as to offer the possibility of having a life experience within them .

Here are 5 ideas (in reality there would be many more!) Of experiences in ecovillage, in places that instead accept externals, and are ready to welcome you and let you experience how you live in an "other reality".

Eco holidays: 5 things to do before departure

Ecovillage in Abruzzo

Eva - Pescomaggiore, self-built ecovillage in the province of L'Aquila, on the site reads "It is our desire to welcome those who want to spend some time in Pescomaggiore to share our journey of rebirth of living or to experience a lifestyle in harmony with the territory and nature. " On 23 and 24 August, for example, there will be an Eco Festival, with a variety of initiatives scheduled for two consecutive days.

Ecovillage in Tuscany

Tuscany, Florence. The eco-village of San Cresci proposes a lifestyle in cohousing or privately in stone farmhouses, in wooden or straw houses, through residential seminars of several days, focusing on different themes.

The primary purpose of the Centro San Cresci is to give practical examples to recover other abandoned rural villages both in Italy and in Europe, bringing to the attention of the largest possible number of people the values ​​of a healthy, natural life shared by deep relationships, based on philosophies like those of reuse.

      Ecovillage in Emilia Romagna

      Location La Bombanella. In Marano sul Panaro (MO) there is the ecovillage Tempo di Vivere. Here, in August and September, you can choose green, sustainable holidays for the whole family. Here you will find games of awareness, Gong baths, Tibetan bells, massages, guided meditations, wool and cotton mandalas, reflexology, herbal and phytotherapeutic steps, but also simple walks in the woods.

      Ecovillage in Liguria

      Ventimiglia, Torri Superiore. In this ecovillage it is possible to make a relaxing stay in the midst of nature, a stone's throw from the sea, in a familiar and international environment. There is the possibility of making stays even with breakfast and dinner with free buffet included, all with organic and local foods.

      Ecovillage in Piedmont

      Piedmont, the eco-village Villaggio Verde in San Germano, in Cavallirio (NO) offers those who want it the chance to stay overnight for work or tourism reasons, or even for those who want to share a retreat period, a practice for single individuals or groups organized.

        Among the many other realities, we also mention: Ecovillaggio La Nuova Terra by Codroipo, which proposes short visits and courses; Habitat Ecovillage in Gambassi Terme (Fi), where it is hosted only in tents or on a farm, but, in addition to the simple vacation, you can choose various activities, such as workshops, open-days, job changes (always and only voluntarily and for periods not more than or less than a week); also in Bagol'Area in the province of Catania cooperation is welcome and hospitality is expected, in a characteristic rural house in lava stone, renovated with great attention to respect for the environment and to the comfort and healthiness of the interiors just a few minutes from the sea, from the volcano, and from the main tourist attractions.

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