Menopause and gemmoderivati

The gemmoderivati ​​for menopause are remedies that act on multiple apparatuses treating a series of symptoms, related to the changes that women find themselves living, in this delicate period of their life.

Menopause is characterized by a hormonal and metabolic imbalance that can cause unpleasant symptoms such as flushing, mood disorders, sleep disorders, depression, but also real diseases.

In this crucial phase for women's lives, the ovaries no longer produce follicles and estrogens, consequently, the protection of the heart and vessels is reduced, and the risk of atherosclerosis increases .

Furthermore, during menopause, the loss of calcium in the bones occurs, with possible onset, in the most serious cases of osteoporosis; and the reduction of caloric needs, so we tend to gain weight .

To face all these changes, the woman needs first of all to follow an appropriate diet and also to carry out a regular physical activity appropriate to her age to her state of health . Gemmotherapy can be a very valuable help: let's see briefly what are the gemmoderivatives for menopause.

Gemmotherapy and menopause

The gemmoderivati ​​for menopause consist of remedies totally devoid of side effects and toxicity: they are the product of the research of the Belgian doctor Pol Henry, on plant extracts, obtained from buds and growing parts of trees and shrubs.

In the comparison between gem and adult tissue, in fact, significant qualitative and quantitative variations in active ingredients are highlighted, as they are particularly rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, growth factors, nucleic acids (RNA DNA), hormones vegetables (which disappear when chlorophyll forms). Therefore, the extraction of the gemmoderivatives brings the genetic information of the plant (embryonic virtue of the meristem) as well as the active principles contained in the different parts (fruit, leaf, flower, stem, rind, root, seeds, sap), proper to the species .

These embryonic tissues can be primary or secondary: the meristematic tissue consisting of very small cells capable of dividing and not "aging" (we find them for example in the roots of plants or stems) is secondary, that tissue which, like that previously described, it is able to multiply, but originates from adult cells and has larger dimensions.

It is precisely because gemmotherapy uses meristematic tissues, with reproductive capacities that the bud-derived ones maintain the total anabolic faculties of their primitive plant cell, and therefore are able to develop all the potential of the plant . The differentiated adult cells lose this capacity when the growing part has completely formed. This means that in vitro, only one of these embryonic cells can reconstitute the plant in its entirety. Below we present the main buds for menopause

How to deal with menopausal disorders with herbal medicine

To rebalance the hormonal system

  • Rubus idaeus obtained from raspberry buds, acts on the female hormonal apparatus. It is, in fact, a regulator of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and of ovarian secretion, and is used in all the dysendocrinias of the sexual sphere of the woman, in the amenorrhea, or the lack of menstruation, and in the irregularities of the menstrual cycle of the pre -menopause; and for all the disorders that accompany the menopause period, such as hot flashes, mood swings and depression. Its intake is also indicated in cases of anxiety, nervousness, because it exerts a balancing action on the neurovegetative system.
  • Vaccinum vitis edaea obtained from the young shoots of the cranberry exerts an anti-inflammatory action, an astringent useful in the case of osteoporosis arthrosis; It is also used in hyalenic tissue degeneration, such as benign tumor formations, fibroids and ovarian hyalinosis. It stimulates ovarian function and is therefore indicated for dysfunctions of these organs in the pre-menopause.

Against bone decalcification and osteoporosis

  • Pinus Montana the glycerine macerated is obtained from the maceration of the buds of the mountain pine and has the property of restructuring the hard tissues of the body. It is therefore indicated in the treatment of osteoporosis in particular that which takes place in menopause, as it has a regenerative action on articular cartilages and bone tissue.
  • Sequoia Gigantea : obtained from young sequoia shoots, it has a regenerating and anti-aging action . It is one of the most indicated remedies for osteoporosis after menopause

Against anxiety and hot flashes

Ficus carica : obtained from the buds of the fig tree, it is particularly indicated for psychosomatic disorders, which involve the gastrointestinal system, in neurovegetative dystonias, because it balances the functionality of the pituitary, epiphysis and hypothalamus. It is used successfully against menopausal hot flashes, in cases of tachycardia and in palpitations due to nervous tension and stress.

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