How to face the arrival of autumn in 7 steps

Autumn is coming, even if the days and temperatures are still summer ones.

The colors in nature begin to take on a yellow-orange hue and the hours are getting shorter. The air is clearer and less humid ... September ...

For some, the change of season, like many changes, is a difficult time; in fact fatigue, nervousness, mood swings, lowered immune defenses, insomnia may occur.

It is important to start thinking about it to prevent all this and not be caught unprepared by the coming autumn .

7 useful tips to deal with the arrival of autumn

Here are some useful tips :

  1. Rest at least 8 hours per night go to before 11pm and wake up by 7am. Avoid mobile phones, tablets, computers in the hours before and after.
  2. Drink plenty of water and / or herbal tea, at least 1.5 liters in order to stay hydrated and not slow down the metabolism. Water is in fact indispensable to make us active and purify our body.
  3. Care for your diet : this may be the right time for a few days detox to coincide with the full moon or the black moon in which to consume exclusively vegetable and whole foods or fruit and vegetable extracts.
  4. Physical activity is fundamental, it helps neuronal connections and creativity. If you don't feel like enrolling in the gym if you can use use your legs and get to at least 10, 000 steps a day, which roughly equals two hours of walking during the day. You can make it easy by providing a step counter or download the application on your phone (although it would be better not to have it with you during the walk to completely disconnect)
  5. Meditate and breathe scientific evidence demonstrates how breathing and meditation are two very effective techniques to calm our mind and slow down our thoughts. Meditating does not necessarily mean staying cross-legged for hours and hours. To start you can simply carve out 5 minutes a day, sitting in a quiet place. Bring attention to your breath, inhaling and exhaling from the nose and counting to 21. Whenever a "thought" or the mind gets "in the middle" starts again from 1 ... And finally notice how you listen (you can set a timer on the phone as a stopwatch)
  6. Integrates with magnesium, melatonin, and lactic ferments. For the immune defenses I usually recommend echinacea. Magnesium is included in the composition of more than 300 enzymes and under stress is exhausted. Melatonin helps to restore the circadian rhythm by adapting our biological clock to the hours of light and dark. Useful in seasonal changes and from the transition from standard time to daylight saving time. Probiotics combined with echinacea are useful for strengthening the immune system and good mood.
  7. Stay in nature . Also for this aspect, numerous studies show how being in contact with nature is important for our health and our energy. As I call it, it's a free energy recharge!
Which step do you decide to do? Even only 1 will bring benefits!

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