5 ways to restore good humor

When you lose something and you are in the dark, arming yourself with a light can be a good idea. Metaphorically, the light to find lost humor is patience . It takes patience and silence to listen. Listening to what? Of intuition.

Yes, because the heart always knows where to move to find a smile . And by smile we don't mean something plasticized to show in the presence of others. The inner smile is quite another thing. It is serenity, a desire to be in the world, a great passion for life .

5 ways to restore good humor

Here are 5 ways to find good humor again, 5 ways to find yourself, because, after all, that is really the job we deserve in this existence. Starting from small daily actions and introducing new ones, because the novelty is always a harbinger of change.

    1. Give a lot of importance to awakening

    When you wake up, take care to stretch yourself well, massage your scalp, open your mouth wide, feel life in the sternum, dedicate yourself to the movement of all the limbs, operate your legs as if you were in the water and if the awakening is with another next person, involve him / her in the "dance".

    If the day starts with an open sky and a clear light, look out the window, breathe all the sun. If the weather is bad, light a small candle and look at it thinking of your heart, what lives in it.

    2. Exercise patience

    This way to find the good mood on the first beats may seem absolutely frustrating, but the long-term result is guaranteed. If you practice not reacting immediately to things, you will benefit from them.

    An unexpected call, a dialogue with someone who always dominates the interlocutor, an unpleasant news, a material object that breaks, but also the "I'm sorry, we finished it!" waiter right after we ordered the dish we really wanted.

    We begin, each time a similar situation arises, to give precedence to the breath over the reaction .

    3. Put the room back in place

    Even if you don't feel like it, even if you don't know where to move the objects, start eliminating. Eliminate, remove, rearrange. In the world of Chinese geomantic, in Feng Shui the clutter is all that is not needed but is found in our environment.

    It is the disorder, the obstructions, the things accumulated over the years. Everything that also prevents us from moving forward, progressing.

    4. Do not resist change

    Indeed, endorse it. Cut your hair if you feel it is time, buy a completely new piece of clothing (a hat, an unexpectedly colored pashmina, braces, wonderful socks, winter gloves), introduce a fruit into the diet that you haven't eaten so often. Change is in human nature, don't resist.

    5. Choose a musical instrument

    You don't have to become good for strength in a little while, you can take it easy, in fact maybe you can indulge yourself gradually . Don't start to familiarize yourself with one instrument then another then another, spend money and time. Instead, take days or months to hear what calls you, which sounds vibrate right inside.

    Clues to see if the good mood goes away

    Before understanding how to recover it, we act on prevention, we play ahead. Although each of us has our own way of experiencing emotions, there are clear signs that highlight the loss of enthusiasm and vitality:

    • the relationship with food : food is what gives us energy in the physical sense of the terms; watch how and how much you are chewing. How you breathe when you are at the table with others. And notice your ability to taste, taste and appreciate.
    • your relationship with sunlight. It has been tried at an academic level - even recently by a team led by Shia Kent of the University of Birmingham (USA) - that sunlight has a positive influence on cognitive faculties, increasing them. There is a direct correlation between the influence of light and mood and the faculties of learning, memorization. Expose yourself to the sun when it is there. When it is missing, remember that the sun is also inside. It is an energy that turns on when we move.
    • Your relationship with others. Are you going out too much to not be with yourself? Or, on the contrary, are you holing up not to face others? Observe how you are moving between and with others, understand what you really need, look for your center and dare when you don't even expect it from yourself.

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