How to resume martial arts after the holidays

Two different types of "vacation" from martial arts

Resuming the practice of martial arts after the holidays or after a good break can be an important issue to evaluate based on key factors such as age, general fitness, weight, and finally the level of our practice : amateur, semi-professional, professional . There are different types of vacation from the martial arts, and some being are a panacea to recover from a phase of overtraining, from muscular or joint stress, from small injuries, or after serious sports commitments. If instead we are more 'than anything else dedicated to a form of amateur martial practice, amateur, made of study and without a deep and irrevocable dedication, then to stop the physical activity altogether is never the best of ideas and before resuming we should focus on getting back into shape.

Factors to consider

When I get back to the gym or after the holidays, a little because of overeating, a little for alcohol, a little for lack of rest and a little for the lack of exercise, the risk is raised of injury and, especially with advancing age, it is important to have patience and take care to recover a good level of muscle elasticity before training 100%. It is good to know that alcohol for the martial artist and the sportsman in general is the number one enemy of the "breath", so if during the holidays it was particularly welcome to raise the elbow at the table, it will be good to do some gradual race sessions before expecting our usual performances.

Muscles and joints

We have mentioned muscle flexibility, which is very important to have a physical basis suitable for martial learning and to avoid injuries. But it is not the only important element, the health of the joints is equally important. A bad diet, especially made of complex, greasy, heavy and abundant dishes, with little intake of fruit, fresh vegetables and whole grains, is a type of acidifying diet, which tends to calcify the joints, especially the spine and also, the which will require some time to dedicate to stretching, not only muscular but also articular, in order to decalcify the joints. A return to healthy eating without too many exceptions to the rule will help make this period shorter.

Other activities

We recommended the ride to catch some breath . In fact some different preliminary or collateral physical activity at the beginning of the martial one is not such a bad idea. One of the best is swimming : it gives you breath reforging your heart and lung health, tone your muscles and burns calories if in the meantime you have run out of putting on a few pounds.

Youth to be preserved

And when can we start again with real martial arts? With the techniques, the kicks, the punches, the projections, the sparring, the rendori and the kata? Even immediately but without overdoing it: especially when we are young we tend to underestimate the care of the body and we find boring heating and stretching finding the technical part more exciting. When we are young, in fact, the physical elasticity, the general physical shape and the health of the joints are spontaneous and innate, but they do not last forever, and take care of them as children, without hurry and dedicating time to stretching and heating, it will guarantee us a biological youth, if not age, rather long, and in this the teacher and the old students must set a good example.

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