Medicinal herbs against insomnia

Valeriana, Escolzia, Avena sativa and Passiflora. Four officinal herbs allied to health and particularly indicated to combat insomnia. Let's find out one by one.

- Valerian

Valeriana is the herb that induces sleep par excellence. Majestic, elegant plant, with an evocative name: the term " valerian " derives from the Latin " valere = to have strength" probably in reference to the fact that this plant provides good health. It treats all nervous disorders, lowers blood pressure, calms spastic pains, promotes digestion . Useful in insomnia which is accompanied by menstrual pain or persistent and prolonged states of anxiety. 40 drops of mother tincture is enough to take 45 minutes before going to sleep. This plant is also used for anxiety-type manifestations such as panic attacks, states of anxiety, tremors, abdominal cramps or anxiety attacks.

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- Escolzia

The Escolzia plant, originally from California, belongs to the Papaveraceae family . Scolzia has sedative and hypnoinducing action. A cup after dinner as an infusion or in drops of mother tincture of escolzia (30-50 drops before bedtime), or nebulized extract (300 mg in the evening). The plant was collected for the first time near San Francisco by Adalberto Chamisso who wanted to dedicate this discovery to his traveling companion and head of the scientific expedition, which took place in America in the early nineteenth century, JF Eschscholtz, a Russian botanist and entomologist. In the early 1800s, Escolzia arrived in Europe as a decorative plant, and its therapeutic virtues were also appreciated. Particularly suitable for those sleep disorders accompanied by cramps and muscle pain, precisely because it has beneficial effects on the microcirculation and the flavonoids contained in it exert a spasmolytic action.

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- Avena sativa

Avena sativa : sedative, suitable in pregnancy, is a plant that recalls Morpheus in a very immediate way, it is indicated for heavy smokers or consumers of alcoholic beverages who suffer from insomnia problems due to these vices. Take 60 drops of mother tincture 45 minutes before going to bed. Avena sativa is also indicated in cases of physical and intellectual asthenia or forms of depression by virtue of avenin, which has a stimulating effect on the thyroid.

- Passiflora

Passiflora, a plant native to the tropical regions of South America, is antispasmodic, releases tension, acts on a muscular level, calms nervous pain and asthma. Take 50 drops of mother tincture about 45 minutes before going to bed.

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