Harmonic Antistress Massage with Tibetan Bells®

The "Harmonic Antistress Massage with Tibetan Bells®" treatment creates a magical, ethereal and particularly well- chosen bond for the lowering of Stress and for the emotional rehabilitation of the person.

What are Tibetan bells?

The Tibetan Bells or Singing Bowls or Cloche Tibetaines, are round-shaped bowls, golden in color, black, silver or green, often with Sanskrit inscriptions depicting the Ohm or the Chakras. They are composed of an alloy that includes the seven planetary metals : Gold for the Sun, Iron for Mars, Mercury for the planet Mercury, Copper for Venus, Pond for Jupiter, Lead for Saturn and finally Silver for the Moon.

What feelings can you feel?

Some people experience the "Harmonic Antistress Massage with Tibetan Bells" when they fall asleep, others get excited, others remain indifferent, then there are people who smile, others who say they have traveled and want to pass on this experience to friends. or their family members. The sound completely envelops our spirit and our body. Through the contact with the bell, positioned on some points of the body, vibrations are perceived that cross and caress the whole body, from the feet to the head, including organs and bones; by means of hearing one immerses oneself in an increasingly magical and relaxing sound journey, crossing musical notes never heard, all composed of a cocktail of well-being, oblivion and a growing sense of lightness.

What is the Harmonic Antistress Massage used for?

The sound and the vibrations of the Tibetan Bell contribute exponentially to the realignment of the chakras, the energetic charge and the spiritual and physical well-being of the people.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body, in addition to organs, bones and viscera, is also composed of vibrations, frequencies and energy waves.

We know that if an organism is healthy, it vibrates at the right frequency and is well tuned to itself and to the outside world like a musical instrument. Often those who have feelings of energy shortages, disorders of various kinds, have a distorted musical frequency, this malaise is given by the presence of energy blocks. Therapy "Harmonic Antistress Massage with Tibetan Bells®" stimulates the process of self-healing and harmonization.

For whom is the "Harmonic Antistress Massage with the Tibetan Bell" indicated?

It is indicated for:

  • energizing and harmonizing the bioenergetic system
  • balance the chakras
  • to calm nervousness
  • find your own SILENT INTERIOR Energize and harmonize the bioenergetic system
  • Balance the chakras
  • Calming nervousness
  • Stimulate the IMMUNE SYSTEM
  • Improve recovery times
  • Improvement of breath efficiency
  • Stimulating Purifying Processes of the Body
  • Solving the most common sleep disorders
  • Solving anxiolytic problems due to PSYCHOSOMATIC problems

But also to lower or eliminate feelings of:

  • Anxiety
  • anguish

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