Wilde Rose, the floral essence that will make you fall in love with life again.

Today I will talk about this floral essence and we will see together why in the course of life a person can develop this disharmony.

The Wilde Rose person is predominantly apathetic, listless, I would say resigned to the unsatisfactory flow of life, he no longer fights, he believes that there are no more chances for improvement, he only feels the victim of an unfortunate fate; his way of doing things is dull, dark, taciturn generally tends to infect the people around him; sometimes living with a person Wild Rose can become difficult, because it tends to close in on itself, loves solitude very much, cannot take pleasure from the things it does, does not feel a real interest in some activity, finds it hard to find topics that really excite you. In life he suffered too much, too many renunciations, perhaps because of very strict parents, due to abandonment, or due to emotional shortcomings, or even for precarious economic conditions: therefore as a consequence excessive renunciations can be the cause of this disharmony. This is what psychodynamics tells us. The emotional flattening of the person Wilde Rose is unconsciously put into action as a ploy to not suffer again; hiding behind apathy avoids being able to bear the burden of another suffering. Sometimes, even after having reached the set goal, he cannot feel the joy and enthusiasm for the work done, remaining in a state of total indifference.

Wild Rose children recognize themselves very easily, they are often bored, they don't know what to do during the day, in the case of the little ones they constantly change game, they can't have fun with anything, and maybe they end up spending the whole afternoon sitting in front of the television, to the PC or video games; at school very often they have great learning difficulties, they do not follow the lessons carefully, therefore they do not want to perform the tasks assigned at home, thus meeting large dissatisfactions, which in turn will contribute to the loss of personal self-esteem. These children suffer a lot from the abandonment syndrome, just a little delay from the mother or father to make them feel lonely and abandoned. I would like to give advice to all parents who may recognize their child in what I write: try to stay very close to these children, they need pure love, lots of physical contact, hugs, caresses, massages, very little or no television and video games; they need to circulate the vital energy, to stimulate it, being in contact with nature: walks, organized outdoor games are an excellent medicine. They will learn slowly that most of all they need can get it for themselves, with their own hands, with all their daily actions.

Again thanks to psychodynamics, I tell you the person with the Wild Rose disharmony, he renounced completely the desire, he gave up the dream, the joyful and happy emotion that one feels after having reached his goal, the dream that perhaps with difficulty and sacrifice has become reality ... This floral essence discovered by Dr. Bach will help you in all this, bringing you back with love to participate again in life, to see the beauty in the actions you carry out every day; you will learn to get back in the game: each of us is responsible for our own destiny and is a master of himself, so this essence will give you the strength you need to start again, committing yourself to realize what are the pieces that make up the puzzle of your life, without hiding behind anything and claiming nothing from anyone.

The essence Wilde Rose interacts very well with other flower essences, personally I use it a lot and I can tell you with great results.

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