What is the naturopathic approach to the disease?

I always get sick on my birthday, or catch a cold after a hard time at work. Or maybe I got an illness after a grieving or a particularly stressful event. Are we sure that the disease is only a symptom to be treated and not something more?

The naturopathic approach to the disease offers us another point of view.

An illuminating text

"Wait for the signs of an illness to appear and then heal it

it's like forging a sword after declaring war

or start digging a well when you are thirsty.

The great therapist breaks the disease

before his appearance,

while the little doctor is anxious to cure

the symptoms he could not foresee “.

Huangdi Nei Jing, Book of the Interior, 475-221 BC

What is slow medicine and what are its principles?

The naturopathic approach in general

The "path of nature to maintain or restore the state of well-being", which includes the collection of Western and Eastern doctrines on natural healing: this, in short, is naturopathy.

The naturopathic approach has as its objective the education to the health and well-being of man as a whole, in his inseparable body-mind-spirit being, within his environment of life and relationships.

Every intervention in naturopathy works by promoting the body 's ability to react and restore its internal balance, altered by stress, frenetic rhythms of life, and unregulated nutrition.

According to the doctor and psychologist George W. Groddeck, the disease is a sign of a weak life force, a sign that no space is given to the ES, that is to the Vital Force that in every moment inside us makes every cell of the body work.

The life force is weakened when our life does not follow natural rhythms and dimensions, when the rational mind predominates and we are overwhelmed by thoughts, appointments, programs, fixed ideas ... this is the naturopathic approach to illness, even if expressed in a different context.

Naturopathic approach to the disease

Health is the normal state in which man lives and can live. Every disease originates from a global imbalance of the person, both physically and mentally or emotionally and the intervention of naturopathy intervenes in support of rebalancing, in a natural way, so that the body can recover its self - healing ability.

Naturopathy re-educates to a dimension of natural life in harmony with one's own times and desires. It cleanses the body of waste introduced with a wrong diet aggravated by bad habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. Naturopathy teaches us to listen to the signals of the body, to be aware of them.

In the naturopathic approach to illness, personal habits and lifestyles of the person, who thus become the protagonist of their own health and not a passive subject, are crucial for them to feel good.

The dialogue between patient and therapist is the first step towards healing. Here because

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