A "vaccine" against headaches

A new cure for headaches

From the web pages of Il Corriere the recent news of a kind of "vaccine" useful for headaches and constant headaches.

In fact, it is not a real vaccine, although this term appears to be used in various informative reports about it, but of a sort of preventive medicine - a long-lasting therapy based on monoclonal antibodies, capable of curbing the out-of-control action of the Cgrp receptor - so with a puncture every three months this annoying disorder would be eliminated for a long time.

Let's see what it is all about and who could benefit from this new treatment by considering the headache.

Anircef and the fight against headaches

According to what emerged from the last and national congress Anircef (Italian Neurological Association for Research on Headache) held at the State University of Milan from June 15th to 17th, with the theme "Headaches for turning towards the future", living without headache is possible today.

For those who find it hard to find their natural remedy for headaches, to benefit from acupuncture, from yoga asanas, from massages or simply not find their own way to defeat the headache, you will be pleased to read about this disorder .

As reported by the agency ADNKronos, people particularly prone to migraines, today about 5 million in Italy, with more and more young people and children on the list, and frequent headaches could find new avenues of treatment and prevention of the disorder: instead of taking a drug "in need" and in retrospect, with this new therapy we would go to act preventively, creating a sort of chemical shield able to protect and protect over time those who suffer from headache repeatedly.

Headache: new drug on the market

With an injection every two or three months done at a headache center, good results can be achieved, with zero toxicity or side effects.

Indeed, this new drug, as Neurologiaitaliana.it claims, would also seem able to reduce the duration and frequency of attacks, improving the quality of life of patients.

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