Bach flowers for animals

The principle behind the use of Bach Flowers for animals is based on the fact that these are living beings capable of emotions, just like us. Anyone who has had an animal or possesses one, learns to know the character and personality from its behavior : a happy wagtail, or a retreat to a safe corner, can indicate how they feel or how certain stimuli feel. It is up to us to perceive their emotions, because, as with human beings, when they are not well on an emotional level, they are not even physically well.

However it is good to remember that you cannot remedy the failings of the masters with Bach flowers (such as the aggressiveness of dogs that do not have enough opportunities to vent their exuberance or the excessive request for attention from animals that remain very alone long). In fact, different pathological patterns and disturbances of animal behavior derive from unsuitable coexistence with the human being, which causes the loss of their psychophysical balance .

Diagnosis and dosage of Bach flowers for animals

The use of Bach flowers for animals allows, on the one hand, to rebalance the altered emotional states of our four-legged friends, without distorting their character; while on the other hand it demonstrates the effectiveness of flower therapy and its lack of placebo effect .

Our animals, like children, in their immediacy and spontaneity, are devoid of cultural and character superstructures, and therefore respond very well to therapy with flower remedies discovered by Edward Bach . In their case, in fact, it is not necessary to become aware of behavioral errors, the basis of our altered emotional states, essential for healing when working in the human field.

With animals, to make the diagnosis, the important thing is to try to understand our animal well: observe it carefully and objectively . We need to examine the home environment, the relationship between him and us, between him and the other roommates and his interactions with the animals, with which he comes into contact.

Taking all these aspects into consideration, the facts must be tied together and simplified to the maximum, trying to find a central behavioral nucleus and therefore a character weakness, which causes his emotional distress . This nucleus is what you need to take care of with the floriterapi when buying the personalized mix for our animal. In chronic disorders, in fact, even the owner of the animal should take Bach Flowers (often they are the same), so that an energetic interaction is established between him and the animal.

The diagnosis is then made by the owner after careful observation of the behavior of the animal, if he is able to make an objective analysis of the situation; otherwise, in some uncertain cases, it may be deduced by the flower-therapist from the character of the owner, since, often the animals manifest the master's unconscious emotional patterns.

The dosage varies by tonnage, but generally 8 drops are used directly in the animal's mouth, or mixed with food or drinking water. In the case of smaller animals, such as hamsters, reduce the drops. Large animals, such as horses or cattle, require 3 to 4 times the standard dose.

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The most used flower remedies on animals

One of the most important remedies for the natural welfare of pets is the Rescue Remedy. This emergency remedy, together with the 38 Bach flower remedies, has been used successfully by pet owners and veterinarians all over the world, balancing the emotions and behaviors of our animals in a wide variety of difficult situations such as: visits to the vet, fear of loud noises (or new year's barrels).

It is used successfully when they bark excessively; in the adaptation to the loss of the master or companions; in the treatment of stress due to loneliness, shock or trauma or abuse.

It helps in case of anxiety ; when they have to adapt to new environments (new house, kennel, stable etc.) and much more. In an acute situation, it is used when there is a risk that it will die; or after having suffered a trauma; if he limps or has damaged a wing or is scared. After a delicate or painful surgery, give a few drops of Rescue Remedy, pure or diluted in water, even in short times, as they can give great relief to the physical and pain. Rescue remedy is also used in case of cat and dog convulsions .

As far as the specific floral remedy or the most suitable mixture is concerned, to the altered emotional states, it is only necessary to administer the right one with the help of the flower-therapist. Sometimes it is necessary to give more flowers together. In fact the problems can be multiple and the underlying cause may not be clearly determined.

In general, if they are afraid of things known as the car; or the ringing of the telephone makes them jump and run to hide under something, Mimulus will instill courage. If, on the other hand, fear turns into panic terror and the storm or other situations terrify them to the point that the heart seems to leap out of the ribs and the breath becomes a quick panting, it is more appropriate to give it Rock Rose.

Rock rose, along with Wild rose and Crab apple, is also useful against dog and cat constipation .

If they are particularly suspicious or show jealousy and aggression towards people, or their peers, Holly is the most indicated remedy, even in the case of the most common dog tail problems . If our animals are too subdued Centaury will instill their safety , while if they show a strong dominant and overbearing character, possessiveness of their own territory Vine is the elective remedy .

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