The ginger herbal tea

Ginger, ginger, is the rhizome of a plant that is part of the cardamom family, a spice used to treat colds and toothache.

The ginger plant is native to southern Asia, but grows in all the equatorial monsoon areas, has long leaves and yellow or purple flowers and is about one meter high.

Its use is more and more widespread, from Asia to Africa, now also in Europe, and even the ancient Romans if they did arrive, knowing the fantastic properties.

Ginger does not produce any fruit: what is used in the kitchen or in herbal medicine is the rhizome or root, in the form of a tuber.

How to prepare ginger tea

The ginger herbal tea is prepared simply by peeling a fresh ginger root, cutting it into small pieces, for two people, 5/6 pieces are enough, being very strong and slightly spicy.

To prepare a perfect herbal tea, just boil water and ginger for about four minutes, turn off the heat and add fresh squeezed lemon juice, strain everything and put a teaspoon of honey, acacia is ideal, or according to taste.

Can you make candied ginger?

What are the properties of ginger tea?

Ginger contains starch, resin, essential oils. The properties of this root are truly exceptional and make a simple herbal tea rich: besides being an effective weapon against the ulcer, ginger is good for the blood and nervous system, being an anticonvulsant and analgesic.

Its stimulating action has been known for years in oriental medicine, especially Chinese, which uses it to combat tiredness, stress and seasonal ills, such as coughs and colds, being a true natural antiseptic .

And not only: a ginger herbal tea can also help reduce dysfunctions related to male impotence, as it promotes blood circulation. As if this were not enough, ginger contains special antioxidant enzymes and substances such as gingerol and shogaol which promote digestion, are effective remedies against nausea and stimulate the body's reaction.

If we add to all this the benefits of the vitamin C contained in the lemon and the beneficial properties of honey, we can't help but start protecting ourselves from the first colds by sipping a hot ginger herbal tea.

Tip: to enhance the taste of the lemon, an untreated, organic lemon peel can be boiled with ginger, avoiding leaving the white part that is bitter. Some people also put a clove of garlic, to increase the antiseptic properties of the herbal tea!

Curiosity : You can't not try ginger beer!

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