Fate in the diet

The universe in food

Food is, we can say, the condensation of the universe. Michio Kuschi, in The New Book of Macrobiotics, argues that the evolution of life on earth has been profoundly influenced by the stars. Their vibrations, their electromagnetic waves, have allowed microorganisms and multicellular beings to begin the path of evolution.

Even the human body, says the author, reflects this origin, this heavenly ascendancy, "its systems, its organs and its functions, reflect the movement of constellation groups and galaxies and the influence exerted on them from the movements of the planets. As a whole the human body is a copy of the universe ยป.

The natural environment from the dish ends up in the body

Being man, the most advanced being can eat and assimilate all the beings that preceded him, both animal and vegetable. Man is omnivorous and eats a very wide variety of foods, recapitulating the whole scale of evolution. It starts from the most primordial: enzymes, yeasts and microorganisms, molluscs, fish, amphibians, birds, up to reptiles and mammals. But it also feeds on the entire evolutionary scale of the vegetable kingdom: mold, algae, vegetables, fruit and cereals, which are the most evolved vegetable because they have both the seed and the fruit in them. But we also take minerals and water, which is 80% of our body.

All this to say that we human beings, like all other forms of life, day after day we appropriate and make our own, in the body, a part of our natural environment. The environment, the land we eat, forms, to characterize our blood. Blood quality influences and modifies cells, organs and tissues throughout the body, including the brain and the nervous system. And they clearly modify our physical and mental functions: our behavior, our expressions, our thoughts, our feelings and our perceptions.

Bad television, heavy blood

Michio Kuschi uses an acute metaphor to express this concept, that is to say he compares us to an old television that fails to receive and transmit in the form of sounds and images, the vibrations coming from a distant station. So we, he says, when our blood is made heavy and not smooth by a wrong diet, we are unable to perceive and transmit waves coming from a short or a long distance.

We are what we eat and the only ones responsible for our physical and mental conditions . And here is the key to destiny, the individual and the collective: in the diet.

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