How to keep ticks, fleas and mosquitoes away

Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are a nuisance to dogs and cats and can transmit diseases to our four-legged friends: let's see how to keep them away in a natural way .

Prevent fleas and ticks naturally

To keep fleas and ticks away from the dog's hair it may be useful to dip a piece of fabric in a basin with hot water and vinegar ; then squeeze the fabric and pour on it two drops of essential cedar oil and two drops of lavender essential oil.

Use the fabric to rub the coat of the dog once a day or every other day: in this way, in addition to perfuming the hair of your four-legged friend, you will protect it in a natural way from the attack of parasites.

The same essential oils used on dogs can be used to keep fleas away from cats: as cats are notorious for their lack of water, it is preferable for them to distribute essential oils on a soft brush or on a dry cloth to pass over the hair the animal.

Alternatively you can pour the drops of essential oil on a soft tissue collar: a drop of lavender essential oil, a cedar oil and a thyme essential oil are enough to keep the fleas away from the cat for a week or two.

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Eliminate fleas from the environment

Fleas are not only found on the hair of cats and dogs but infest home rooms, so it is important to keep them away from the rooms too, with particular attention to beds and carpets.

To remove fleas from the rooms it is good to remove hair from dog beds, carpets, sofas and beds, but also from furniture and floors, using a vacuum cleaner. Washable surfaces can be cleaned using a mixture of water and vinegar with a few drops of essential oil, or with alcohol and essential oils.

The most effective essential oils to keep fleas away are cedar, lavender and thyme and can be mixed in DIY products for cleaning or by pouring two or four drops directly onto kennels and rugs.

Keep mosquitoes away from cats and dogs

Mosquitoes also bite our four-legged friends, causing itching and more: mosquitoes are the vehicle of a terrible disease for dogs and cats, the filaria. In addition to protecting our furry with adequate prophylaxis against filaria, it is possible to prevent dogs and cats from being stung by mosquitoes using repellent essential oils.

The most effective essential oils against mosquitoes are lavender and citronella: we can use them spreading them in the environment to keep mosquitoes away from the rooms of the house or use them to prepare do-it-yourself repellents effective for us and also for dogs and cats .

To prevent filaria it is not enough to avoid mosquito bites, because no repellent is 100% effective: ask your vet for information.

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