Couperose: how to mask it

Couperose is a skin disease that causes widespread redness in some areas of the face: thanks to the right make-up it is possible to mask couperose and make it less noticeable.

How to mask couperose with makeup

Couperose is characterized by diffuse redness of the skin visible above all in the area of ​​the cheeks and the nose. These reddening, due to vasodilation, are initially transient but over time become permanent.

The couperose therefore causes the appearance of a more or less intense and persistent redness that mainly affects the cheeks: to mask the couperose through the make-up the experts recommend to use a green concealer in cream or powder before applying the base of the make-up .

After cleansing the face with specific products and applying a cream suitable for your skin type, the green concealer is then applied to the areas affected by the redness and, subsequently, a cream foundation of the tone of the tone is applied with the brush. own skin, which does not create a chromatic break between the face and the neck.

After applying the foundation, the cheeks are outlined with the earth, applying it with a brush and proceeding with the makeup of eyes and lips on which to draw attention through make-up.

Couperose, which cosmetics to choose to mask it

The constant use of suitable cosmetic products allows to mask the couperose, preventing or attenuating the redness and making the blemish less visible; on the contrary cosmetic products or incorrect behavior can worsen the problem.

In the case of couperose, for example, the use of tonics containing alcohol, exfoliating masks and hot vaporisations should be avoided .

To mask the couperose, delicate products with a soothing and calming action are preferable with extracts of calendula, chamomile and mallow and moisturizing creams with ingredients with a vasoconstrictor action such as the horse chestnut;

a light sunscreen should also be applied to the face, even in winter as UV rays aggravate the problem and worsen the appearance of the skin with couperose.

To improve the appearance of the skin and mask couperose, it may be useful to use food supplements with extracts of butcher's broom, red vine, hypocastane, centella and bilberry, formulated to support the function of blood circulation.

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