EcoTree, invest in planting trees

EcoTree is a French startup that proposes to invest its savings by buying trees . It is a simple and intelligent idea, which combines the well-being of the planet with the economy, a perfect example of a green economy.

What does the EcoTree project involve ?

EcoTree was launched in 2016 and tries to respond to 2 of the most pressing needs of the contemporary world : the need for sustainable development on a global level and the search for interesting economic returns on the part of those who have something to invest. How does it work?

The company buys portions of forests and, through its web platform, invites to invest funds to plant new trees, or purchase those already present, which will in any case be handled by the startup. Over time the trees will grow and their value will increase . At 20-30 years, a yield is obtained that varies from 2 to 4%, therefore an average of 3%. Mature trees that will be cut to sell timber will always be replaced by new trees.

More than 17, 000 trees were planted less than two years after the project began .

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The advantages for ecology

The trees planted produce oxygen and improve air quality, absorb carbon dioxide, help prevent erosion, stabilize the soil from a hydrological point of view and temper climate variations; they also promote biodiversity, as they provide housing and food for numerous species of insects, birds and small animals.

The EcoTree project requires the customer to geolocate their trees and try to avoid monocultures.

In a world in which every year between 13 and 15 million hectares of forests disappear, equal to the surface area of ​​a territory the size of Belgium, EcoTree proposes an economic model that makes it profitable by reforesting.

To date, thanks to the trees planted, approximately 278 kg of carbon dioxide has been absorbed , equal to the carbon dioxide that is emitted by about 555 flights from Paris to New York.

Customer benefits

The potential customers of the French startup are above all companies, also seduced by the possibility of improving their image with regards to their reputation in terms of social responsibility.

Among those who have bought trees so far there are also many private citizens because an investment that yields an average of 3%, given the times, is not bad; moreover, from an emotional point of view, the dream of being able to combine earnings and safeguarding nature is objectively appealing and this is certainly one of the strengths of the EcoTree project.

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