ECOmune, when ecology explodes inside the heart

... If you say Parco delle Valli to a Roman citizen the possible reactions are divided into two: incredulity or eyes that light up. In the first case, because in Rome the Conca D'Oro metro is still a question mark for some, the second because there are many people who did not expect anything else, that is, that life and movement would arrive in this very populated area, a bit disrupted at the level of social cohesion, full of shops, but also of children, many children. Which grow between various types of pollutions, verbal, aerial, emotional.

But there are also many parents who put on their bikes, fix saddles, explain how to behave in order to love each other and love the world we live in, to love the planet.

It is on the basis of this new energy, which is growing, of this awareness that wants to feed on further life, that Urban Interactions and R eBike Altermobility have designed, cultivated ECOmune . These are 4 Sundays, the first of March, dedicated to ecology in a narrow and broad sense, in a simple and therefore profound way.

Urban Interactions and ReBike Altermobility: young energies for a new Capital

Suffice it to say that nothing works in Rome. it is enough to say that what is born here does not live or survive. Of course, it takes so much effort. but it is possible. Two realities prove that as soon as they met they entered into harmony, and the events of the universe show that this phase is good for the energies to mix, create, give life to the new, open and distribute it.

Urban Interactions are 7 energies, 6 women of humility, energy and impressive creativity and a male joker, Lorenzo, who interact with active citizens of all ages and backgrounds to reactivate forgotten public spaces and return them to the city as meeting places and common life.

ReBike Altermobility are 8 young, a little Iberian, a little Swedish, a little Roman, a little Umbrian, a little Milanese, who are investing in design, liveability, alternative mobility, social promotion and ecological humor.

There are three principles that animate the two associations:

  • discovery (of the territory, of new practices, of other people);
  • construction (of street furniture, means of transport, social fabric);
  • participation (we all have to learn from each other, and it is only by doing together that we really do).

The program of the 4 Sundays of March

Here is the structure of the 4 Sundays of March, where workshops will be followed by good food, coffee projects and lots of music. For every Sunday, in addition to the described laboratories, there will always be bookcrossing activities , photographic exhibitions and more ...

ECOmune events 1 March

    10:00 - 13:00: Workshop for adults - "Color the park by recycling"

    10:00 - 13:00: Workshop for children - "Wheels in bloom"

    13:00 - 14:00: Lunch at the park

    14:00 - 15:00: Coffee project: "Participation and territory"

    15:00 - 17:30: Music at the Park

    What to bring for the laboratories: mothers, fathers and children, come with floppy disks, paper tubes, buttons, plastic bottles, caps, detergent containers, soaps, tin cans, materials that you no longer use ...

      ECOmune events 8 March

        10:00 - 13:00: Slow tourism - "By bike to discover our neighborhood"

        13:00 - 14:00: Lunch at the park

        2.00pm - 3.00pm: Coffee project: "Urban landscapes"

        15:00 - 17:30: Music at the Park

          EComune events 15 March

            10:00 - 13:00: Workshop for Children - "Re-cycle!"

            10:00 - 13:00: Workshop for Adults - "My bike ... racks!"

            13:00 - 14:00: Lunch at the park

            14:00 - 15:00: Coffee project: "Active citizenship"

            15:00 - 17:30: Music at the Park

              ECOmune events 22 March

                10:00 - 13:00: Workshop for Children - "Ciclocaccia al tesoro"

                13:00 - 14:00: Lunch at the park

                2.00pm - 3.00pm: Coffee project: "Public Space and Urban Mobility"

                15:00 - 17:30: Music at the Park

                Opportunities to have fun, take what sharing can give, talk about ecology, the environment, recycling, and enter the dimension of knowing how to do together, not just staying on the theory. Learn elements aimed at sustainability in public spaces, to make the life of the community better within its own territory.

                The ECOmune module is something that in the future can be repeated in other areas and municipalities of Rome, like a real green breath that wants to blow over the whole Capital. It is something to start from in order to expand, connect, vibrate available energies, ours.

                Read the interview with Francesco Benetti, founder of ReBike ALTERmobility

                To know more:

                > Go to the Ecomune website

                > Go to the site of Urban Interactions

                > Go to the ReBike ALTERmobility website

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