Crystal therapy: healing with the energy of the stones

The Buddhist principle of dependent origination (in Sanskrit pratitya-samutpada ) expresses the interdependence of all things: no being or phenomenon exists by itself, but exists or manifests itself because of its relations with other beings or phenomena, therefore nothing it can exist independently or manifest itself in isolation.

Even today's science claims that living beings spend their lives immersed in an ocean of frequencies and vibrations of which they are a part.

If every element of the Universe is connected to all the others, then it means that it "responds" to the vibrational frequency of all the others.

A stone can function as an instrument tuner : with a delicate, slow and gradual work, it is able to tune in and interact with the finer layers of our energy field, "exchanging" our notes with our own and helping us to bring an internal disharmony or low frequency into balance.

A journey through crystal therapies and stones, on the path of care, which must be trodden as a journey, enjoyed step by step.

Crystal therapy: how the therapeutic use of stones is born

Crystallotherapy is a natural therapy used since the most ancient oriental and western civilizations: the disease is a symptom of an imbalance and as such it is possible to treat it by acting on all the physical-physical aspects of the individual.

The oldest treatise on the virtues of the stones available to us is On the rocks by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus (371-287 BC), to which Pliny the Elder (23 / 24-79 AD) also refers in his Naturalis Historia .

Crystal therapy: how to choose stones

Rely on a trusted retailer to avoid coming into contact with stones of poor quality, or treated or artificially colored.

You prefer the rough specimens, that is not worked or polished: some particular shapes (like the spikes, the pyramids or the spheres) channel the energy in a precise direction, therefore they must be used in accordance with the purpose for which they were created.

The first choice of stones is by attraction . In general we hear a particular reference when we observe some stones compared to others: it is not a question of taste, but an intuitive choice that is dictated by the tendency to favor our way of being and to perceive the experience and the natural self-healing capacity of the our organism.

In other words, we are attracted by the stones with which we are in tune because they reflect our basic frequency or "we perceive" that to work on ourselves and to find or maintain harmony we need the energy of that stone, because there complete or compensate us.

How to distinguish the two cases? Make the second choice with your eyes closed, holding the stones one by one for a few seconds. Since our sight is never free from the conditionings of the psyche, then eliminating our usual tool to select information will also eliminate its conditionings and free our instinct. Through touch we will choose the stone that best fits our psycho-physical conditions and which we need to keep our dynamic balance constant.

Then ask an expert in crystal therapy to advise you, as well as showing you the properties and benefits of individual stones, it represents an eye and an external ear to you and therefore a precious source of listening and dialogue on your needs for personal growth. To learn more about the subject, there is a vast bibliography on the crystal therapy available to you. You can also consult some online resources on crystallotherapy in Italian or on Gemstone therapy in English or the Stones and crystals section on this site and decide which ones inspire you the most.

Once purchased and brought home, it is important to place the stones in a closed container made of natural material (such as glass, porcelain, ceramic or wood, but not metal), where they will remain when not in use. However, before storing them (and always after use) they should be washed with plenty of running water or, better yet, left to soak for at least twenty-four hours completely immersed in water, then carefully dried with a clean cloth.

Crystal therapy: how stones are used

There are various methods for using stones and favoring the energetic balance of the individual with them:

1) Prolonged contact : the stone is always carried with it for long periods in direct contact with the skin and is worn for example as a pendant or bracelet.

2) Temporary application : the stone is periodically placed on the part of the body to be treated.

3) Meditation : with the stone worn or in hand, one concentrates through the breath or the visualization.

4) Location in the environment : stones with a wide range of action (therefore quite large, such as druses) can be placed in the environment in which the person lives.

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