Postural integration: what it is and what it is used for

Postural integration is a method developed by Jack Painter that acts on posture to find a structure and create an internal balance in the body. Let's find out better.

Origins and description of postural integration

Jack Painter was a man of extraordinary curiosity and desire to explore. He had probed different approaches like Zen, Yoga, Gestalt (with Fritz Perls and Marty Fromm), Rolfing (with Bill Williams), Reichian therapy (with Raffale Estrada Villa). All this before structuring Postural Integration (PI), which has the particularity of being a technique with many aspects and with a high level of synergy and integration among its constituents . This discipline applies to different contexts.

Even today the practice is more alive than ever and spread all over the world: it has just been published in Germany by the ICPIT, the international board of qualified instructors, Transformation of the Self With Bodymind Integration, which celebrates the work of Jack Painter and the vital cultural movement that originated from him. The essay was written with contributions from trainers active in 10 different countries and three continents.

What is postural integration for?

Massimo Soldati, psychotherapist and method teacher, president of the Transpersonal Postural Integration Association, explains: "Jack Painter created Postural Integration as a form of self - exploration and self-learning, he was too generous, liberal and passionate to not want to bring as effective as possible empowerment to as many people as possible.

He has also always been very respectful of the autonomy of the individual and believed that everyone should be helped to help himself by taking responsibility and mastering his own life experience.

Despite this approach, or perhaps because of this, over the years many psychotherapists animated by a spirit of research have approached the IP and their very presence has created some confusion between self-development modalities and nascent therapeutic modalities.

It was Jack who, together with a group of psychotherapists, favored the birth alongside the PI of Postural Integration Psychotherapy, a form of body psychotherapy that had the prestigious recognition of the three golden stars from the European Association for Psychotherapy . "

Postural integration is used to find a structure, create an internal balance in the body and allow it to work in a state of harmony both dynamic and static. If you want to deepen it, we point out among the various articles and essays by Mario Soldati: "Body and Change" (New Techniques) and "Developing the Potential" (Franco Angeli).

Postural integration has given excellent results in cases of people with schizoid processes in progress or who have suffered bullying at work or other traumas.

A type of postural integration session

The aim of Postural Integration is to favor the integration of parts and levels, it is therefore what Wilber defines as an Integral Transformative Practice, in doing so it appeals to the principle of harmony between opposing forces, which are spontaneously reached restarting the eternal wheel of ying and yang.

Who can operate in Italy

In Italy, AIPT is involved in training.

Thousands of people were trained in Postural Integration to 1972 to the present day. Postural Integration is well known and appreciated all over the world. AIPT is affiliated with ICPIT- International Council of Psychocorporal Integration Trainers.

The courses to become transpersonal postural integration operator are articulated in a three-year period organized as follows:

The first year of the Postural Integration and Transpersonal Bodywork course (IPTBT) is an opportunity to raise awareness of the body mind relationship and is referred to as a personal experience of working on oneself for everyone. It is possible to enroll at this level for several successive years to foster a personal growth process and Integral Transformative Practice (Wilber) . Many professional figures can benefit from it and develop new skills to employ in their own business.

After an evaluation at the end of the two-year period, a certificate of Transpersonal Bodywork Classes is issued by AIPT and the relevant EPS / CONI Technical Card and the Technical Competence Certificate, which enable students to conduct body and work classes, are sent by Progetto Italia. meditation in a playful-motor context.

We advise you to look only for courses promoted by the International Council of Postural Integration Instructors, a body with supervision and control functions for training courses, based in Gent, Belgium. Only courses certified by this organization are enabled and meet internationally shared quality requirements.

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