Powerful laurel moth

The moths are small insects that infest cabinets and drawers, ruining the linen: let's see how to prevent the moths with laurel and other natural remedies.

Laurel against moths

The laurel ( Laurus nobilis ) is a tree characterized by dark green ovate leaves, leathery and shiny, which, when broken, give off an intense fragrance due to the presence of essential oils.

Laurel is widespread in Mediterranean areas and both leaves and berries are used in cooking and for medicinal purposes.

The laurel should not be confused with the lauroceraso, a shrub very similar to the laurel and used for making hedges: the laurel-cherry leaves do not give off the typical scent of laurel and are toxic to humans and animals due to the presence of hydrocyanic acid.

As well as in the kitchen and for the preparation of infusions, laurel leaves can be used to keep moths away from cabinets and drawers and to protect linen; for this purpose, the laurel leaves are effective alone or together with other mothproof remedies, among which lavender stands out.

To be able to use laurel against moths it is necessary to first dry the leaves, which will then be broken up: prepare bunches of bay leaves, tying together five or six; hanging the bunches in a place free of moisture for a few days, until the leaves have dried;

once dried, chop the leaves with your hands and use them alone or with other dried herbs and spices to prepare the do-it-yourself moth bags.

Mothproof DIY with laurel

To protect clothes from moths, use cotton or tulle bags and fill them with dried lavender flowers and dried and chopped bay leaves; place the anti-moth bags in the linen inside the drawers and closets.

Alternatively you can use only the bay leaf or associate the cloves or some cinnamon sticks with the laurel .

If you do not have the laurel leaves available, you can use the essential oil, which can be purchased in all herbalist's shops.

To prepare the moth bags with essential oils, pour a few drops of laurel essential oil on the cotton wool and then place the cotton wool inside a small cotton or tulle bag; also in this case, besides the essential oil of laurel it is possible to use essential oils of lavender, cinnamon, cedar, lemon or orange .

Moths are small insects that love darkness and damp environments, so to prevent moth infestations inside cabinets and drawers it is good to periodically clean and ventilate the wardrobe and store only clean, dry clothes inside the wardrobe. avoid moisture formation.

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