At each hair its balm

In the market there are balms for every type of hair, from volumizing to those that promise more defined curls.

Are there really differences between one hair conditioner and another? Which balm do you choose for your hair?

How to choose the right conditioner for your hair

Today on the market we can find hair conditioners suitable for every need, which promise to give volume, regulate curls, give brightness, protect color: it is useful to choose balm according to the nature of your hair, but no conditioner will have a miraculous effect .

The balm, in fact, has the purpose of untangling the hair, making it easy to comb, soft and shiny and is not a cosmetic treatment that can revolutionize its nature.

When we choose a hair conditioner, therefore, we pay particular attention to the ingredients, we read the label well and opt for a product that does not contain silicones, parabens and other substances that could be harmful to our health and the environment.

Better to choose an eco-organic conditioner that contains natural ingredients that can untangle the hair and make it softer thanks to natural moisturizing and nourishing substances. Here is some advice based on the nature of your hair.

Normal hair

If your hair is normal, you can choose a conditioner that contains Aloe vera gel and linseed oil; this type of product is also suitable for those with thin, curly or greasy hair and want to give volume and softness to hair without weighing it down .

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Dry hair

In the case of particularly dry, brittle hair, treated with dyes or bleaching and having split ends, choose a balm based on argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter and vegetable protein.

Dull hair

To give brightness to all types of hair and in case of dull hair, good results can be obtained thanks to balms containing essential oils of lemon and rosemary.

When to use and how to apply hair conditioner

If your hair is healthy, shiny and you can easily comb it, the use of conditioner is not necessary. On the contrary, if the hair is weakened, dry, brittle and has split ends, the use of balm can be very useful to untangle the hair and make it softer .

The sun, pollution, excessive use of hair dryer and griddle and aggressive treatments such as bleaching, dyes and permanent, can in fact weaken the hair and make it dull and frizzy.

To give your hair a healthy appearance, use a nourishing balm after shampooing: dab your hair after washing it, apply the conditioner on the lengths distributing it evenly, let it work for at least five minutes and rinse thoroughly.

If you have little time you can also use a "two in one" product, which combines the cleansing action with the detangling action, or use a leave-in conditioner without rinsing, to be applied to clean, dry hair.

If your hair is particularly dry, use diy nourishing masks to apply twice a week .

Natural hair products: which ones to use?

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