Remedies against nervous hunger

Because you suffer from nervous hunger

Nervous hunger is a false hunger, caused by a whole series of factors that are far from the need for real nutrition.

Let's see how to find it and prevent it from ruining our line and health . There must in fact be an explanation of the mechanism that leads to eating despite not being hungry, an explanation that researchers refer to an alteration of the control mechanism by the hypothalamus. In fact there are sentinels in the brain that warn the body when the sugar level is too low and induce the need for food and actions to get it as a response.

But this physical mechanism does not always work to perfection, or it can be influenced by other causes, such as psychological ones. In practice, as many dieticians claim, nervous hunger can be caused by many factors, including: anxiety, sadness, a sense of emptiness, anger, fear or boredom.

The explanation that leads back to this type of hunger, a mechanism that is called " emotional eating " and that leads to replacing the affection, the security or the joy that one does not have with food, seems to go back to the first stages of life, when the mother offering milk to the crying child, even if hunger is not the real reason for crying, it creates confusion between the state of hunger and the state of request for affection.

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Here are the foods that reduce nervous hunger

There are foods that have a powerful soothing effect on this nervous stimulus. These are foods and beverages that contain tryptophan, which is a precursor of serotonin capable of activating neurotransmitters that immediately release a pleasant sensation of pleasure and well-being. It is mainly fruit, like bananas , a primary source of tryptophan. But also milk, eggs, fresh cheeses, dried vegetables and whole grains . Equally useful is to eat foods rich in bromine, such as lettuce, and magnesium, such as dried fruit ( nuts and almonds ), cocoa and bitter chocolate, chestnuts.

Some small tricks related to habits help to decrease the sense of nervous food. For example, which is good for the purpose of reducing nervous hunger, is to make a starter based on fruit or vegetables : the vegetables are rich in fibers that create mass in the stomach calming hunger.

Never eliminate bread and pasta completely from the table, as carbohydrates have the power to stimulate the production of serotonin, which regulates the mechanism of hunger. It is good to combine the vegetables with the first: for example, if you cook pasta with broccoli, put more broccoli than pasta on your plate.

Eat spicy and calmly : this combination facilitates the satisfaction of the stomach and the sense of satiety. The spicy dishes also favor the production of endorphins, substances that increase pleasure, making meals satisfying. Drink often: water, green tea and herbal teas above all. And still centrifuged, fruit juices, smoothies. Everything helps to satiate without lifting the balance needle.

Finally, here are the alternative aids

When the hunger attacks suddenly attack you, count to ten. Do not throw the refrigerator open, but take three long breaths and try to understand what this impulse really comes from and look around. Fill the bathtub, light incense, have tea or herbal tea, listen to a song you like and sing, do some stretching.

Regular sport is one of the best allies against nervous hunger attacks. Some therapists also advise keeping a diary where everything is eaten and why. Aromatherapy is also useful. In short, choose your personal relaxation technique.

Among the herbal products, Citrus aurantium, bitter orange and Rodiola rosea, better known as rodiola, are ideal. The latter helps to reduce the levels of stress and fatigue that can cause unhealthy binge eating. Even a herbal tea made from lime, or based on lemon balm, angelica and passionflower, can help calm and dignify states of anxiety .

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