The benefits of the Aloe gel massage

Aloe gel is a preparation that comes from the processing of the leaves of the Aloe plant. There are more than 4 00 varieties of Aloe plants, but usually Aloe Vera or Aloe arborescens are used, which have roughly the same qualities.

Many products are obtained from the aloe plant; the main ones are the juice, derived from the only liquid extracted, the gel, obtained from the leaf, therefore from juice and pulp, and the total extract of aloe, deriving from the extraction of both parts, liquid and fiber.

Aloe Gel is obtained from the central part of fresh leaves. The extraction of the best quality gel is carried out a few minutes after cutting the leaves and without the use of chemical solvents or high temperatures: the active components of the aloe are subject to a rapid degradation due to oxidation and temperature.

The appearance of the aloe gel is colorless, and is odorless. Storage should be done at low temperatures and in sterile containers, to avoid contamination and degradation due to endogenous and exogenous bacteria.

Aloe Vera to relieve leg pains

The benefits of the Aloe gel for massages

Through the massage, the Aloe Gel purifies, refreshes and nourishes the skin, thanks to the contribution of vitamins naturally contained in it.

Its uses are useful in the following cases:

  • Mycosis of the skin due to bacteria: the bactericidal function of the Gel favors the elimination of inflammation and brings nutrients to the skin, regenerating it. Simply dab the affected part with the gel several times a day, then rinse it well to allow the skin to breathe;

  • acne : as with mycosis, acne is also remedied in the use of Aloe Gel. The use of the Gel also allows to avoid the formation of scars ;

  • wounds and scars : due to the stimulation properties of the skin regeneration, the Aloe gel is indicated for the treatment of scars, both recent and long-standing;

  • chilblains : massaging the part of the skin affected by the chilblains on hands and feet, as well as on fistulas and fathers, with Aloe gel, allows to restore the right blood supply and increases the healing of wounds, making the skin more nourished and hydrated;

  • psoriasis, sunburn, eczema, small burns, blisters : for all affections affecting the skin that show pain and sores or small wounds, the Aloe gel can be used in the most delicate cases, diluted with water in light packs or baths .

The properties of the Aloe gel for the skin

Alo Gel is used in the preparation of herbal and cosmetic products . It is also used pure for wraps, gauzes and bandages.

It is a natural remedy for many skin diseases : the effects of skin healing have been highlighted by several experimental studies since 1998.

Aloe gel has healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties ; it is successfully used in the treatment of ulcers, wounds, scars, and skin diseases of various kinds. It is also a natural antibacterial and an immunostimulant, able to increase collagen production.

Due to these widely recognized qualities, the Aloe Gel lends itself to being used as a massage gel and compresses .

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