Low pressure feeding: which foods to take and which to avoid

When the body is in hypotension, ie at a low pressure of less than 90/60 mm Hg, it causes dizziness, exhaustion, weakness, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, tiredness, until fainting; this is a response of the body to prepare to not use more energy than necessary.

Feeding for low blood pressure, therefore, involves the intake of those foods, such as dates, licorice, coffee or cocoa, which thanks to their active ingredients are able to avoid a glycemic drop or regulate blood pressure. Let's find out better.

Licorice against low blood pressure

What is low blood pressure or hypotension

Many people suffer from low blood pressure, especially in hot periods such as summer where the lumen (section) of the arteries widens.

Blood pressure is the force, the thrust, which is exerted by the blood in the arteries of the systemic circulation. This pressure has maximum and minimum parameters to ensure that everything works correctly.

When the body is in hypotension, ie at a low pressure of less than 90/60 mm Hg, it causes dizziness, exhaustion, weakness, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, tiredness, until fainting; this is a response of the body to prepare to not use more energy than necessary.

Although the symptoms are not very pleasant, a clinical risk situation does not result, rather it is a "body intelligence" of security to save energy at critical moments.

Power for low pressure

In case of heat, given the abundant sweating with loss of liquids and mineral salts and widening of the lumen of the arteries it will be indicated:

drink plenty of water

• keep the amount of mineral salts in the diet high

stay cool and wash with cold water for a vasoconstriction effect

In addition to heat, low blood pressure can be caused by a glycemic decrease, that is, a lowering of blood sugar.

So it is recommended to bring a bag of cane sugar in a bag to be taken dissolved in water at the critical moment. Better still if taken under the tongue for faster assimilation.

Brown sugar or whole sugar is better than white because it still contains some of the mineral salts of the plant extract while white sugar has only a sweet taste and does not contain other useful elements.

Also excellent is the aid of honey, especially if handcrafted compared to the industrial one, always for a greater wealth of active substances and principles. We also recommend sugary fruits such as dates and dried raisins.

There are many products that nature gives us to help us maintain the correct pressure.

First of all , licorice is a plant that helps modulate blood pressure ; it is possible to use it in candies and in sticks of root to chew directly even if the most correct and effective form is the pure liquorice juice. This remedy is useful but should not be abused, in fact the dosage of glycyrrhizin, its most important active ingredient, is a maximum of 0.5 gram per day.

Other foods that help with their active ingredients are coffee, tea and cocoa that promote a rise in pressure. Alcohol and wine are not advised because they favor the dilation of blood vessels.

To increase the integration of mineral salts, especially magnesium and potassium, we can pay more attention to some foods. For potassium we have: especially dried apricots, dark cocoa, white beans, potatoes, spinach, pumpkins and courgettes, bananas, dried grapes and almonds.

For magnesium we have: green leafy vegetables, bitter chocolate, almonds, pistachios, oily fruit in general, brown rice and bran.

The properties and nutritional values ​​of zucchini, useful against low pressure

Drinks with tamarind and karkadè (hibiscus flowers) are excellent and useful.

The last tip for a correct diet in case of low blood pressure is to eat light meals and maybe more often, preferring the choice of green leafy fruits and vegetables .

The dishes on the other hand can be tasty and well spiced with herbs and aromatic plants. First and foremost, rosemary: the use of this queen plant of the Mediterranean climate is both as an aroma to flavor dishes and as a preventive-curative use in the herbal field.

An infusion made with rosemary leaves keeping the lid tightly closed on the tisaniera allows to avoid the evaporation of the precious essential oils. You can drink up to 3 cups a day. We can also use rosemary in the form of glycerine macerate, taking 20 drops three times a day.

Did you know that

In the herbalist field, other plants can help us in the case of hypotension.

Adaptogenic plants such as eleuterococcus, rodiola rosea, ginseng and guarana. There are various ways of taking it: just go to a good herbal medicine store and get advice from a qualified herbalist.

For example, for the Eleutherococcus 50 drops can be taken in the morning on a fasting basis for a maximum of three months. Do not take these products before going to sleep due to insomnia.

Also from the world of bees we can use royal jelly and pollen indicated as natural supplements that remineralize the body and strengthen the immune system. They also favor the appetite and "recharge" the subject who in case of low pressure needs to pull himself up and start off again.

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