"Vento Maestrale": the project by Luca Basto

Luca Basto, naturopathy and travels in unison

Luca Basto calls himself a naturopath and a documentary maker, lover of nature and intimately linked to that of his native land, Sardinia ; This very special island has given him in fact from the point of view of the knowledge of natural remedies, self-healing, self-support and physical purification.

His personal growth includes insights into immunology, biology and the myofascial system . In Andalusia, Luca has learned several manual therapeutic techniques, such as osteopathy, fascial integration and shiatsu .

At the same time, Luca continued his passion for video cameras : documentaries on nature, music and dance, and artistic disciplines that he continued to refine. From Italy to Portugal, passing through Jordan and many other places, Luca has collected sensational images and tales of worlds that can be seen thanks to his Youtube channel "Vento Maestrale".

And here he is, on his site, grappling with videos dedicated to improvised music: from the desert of northern Spain, to Sardinia and more.

"Vento Maestrale", from Sardinia to the whole world

Already in 2014 Luca Basto had collected a documentary film on the coasts of his island, Sardinia, covering the 1850 kilometers by bicycle, in April; everything is told in the pages of La Nuova Sardegna.

The journey continues today . From Sardinia it has the whole world as its destination: as Luca says in an interview for Natural Cures, it "has as its starting continent Africa to then move to other continents, at different latitudes, to observe the effects that the climate also entails in the different types of care I will go through: Senegal, Gambia, Kenya, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cambodia, Tibet and Alaska living with native tribes to internalize what I will have to communicate through documentaries.

It is a research that I aim to carry out over 5 years, during which I will produce and publish videos, photos, music and documentaries. At the end of the research (going through all the countries listed) I will deal with producing the complete documentary in which all the tribes that I will have had the opportunity to know and experience will be present: "The memory of civilizations".

Music, videos and documentaries: the miracle of life

"Mistral wind" is the direct and natural consequence of a spirtual growth. The music, the videos, the subjects studied: everything is part of a great and important message: "recognizing the complex depth of life to identify one's own within such a miracle". "The soul of the earth " and "L in memory of civilizations " are the two documentaries that Luca is already making.

An absolutely positive lever pushes and grows his work: " the faith that I place in the wisdom that humanity has accumulated along its path, both physically and spiritually. The goal is to show the world what the roots of humanity has to teach us . Spread healing methods, natural remedies and purification techniques aimed at self-healing. "

All people interested in this research will be able to support it by making a donation on the website. Depending on the donation they make, they will receive some small works that Sardinian artisans have donated for this cause .

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