Cypress essential oil: properties, use and contraindications

The cypress essential oil is derived from Cupressus sempervirens, a plant of the Cupressaceae family . Known for its numerous properties, it has an expectorant action, and is useful for the circulatory system and against cough and cellulite . Let's find out better.

Properties and benefits of cypress essential oil

Vasoconstrictor for external use, it is recommended for those with circulation problems, in case of cellulite, for those suffering from water retention, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and capillary fragility, it counteracts the formation of edema and hematoma care; and anti-rheumatic recommended in case of rheumatism and joint pain.

Antidepressant, if inhaled it has a general rebalancing action on the nervous system, it softens the changes and helps to overcome the depression, which derives from the loss of loved ones and the end of a love story.

Expectorant for internal use, indicated in the presence of cough, in cases of pertussis, tracheitis, bronchitis.

Description of the plant

Tall, dark and slender evergreen tree with generally tapered, pyramid-shaped foliage. The leaves, dark green in color , are reduced to scales, leaning against each other or spread apart at the apex, on cylindrical twigs.

The inconspicuous flowers are gathered in unisexual inflorescences. The fruits, called "galbuli" (or gazzozzole) are woody, roundish cones, divided into a certain number of scales that separate when ripe.

Part used

Young twigs

Extraction method

Steam current distillation


Base note: warm, balsamic and resinous scent

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Use and practical advice on cypress essential oil

Environmental diffusion : 1 g of cypress essential oil for every square meter of the environment in which it spreads, using essential oil burners or in the water of radiator humidifiers to transmit serenity

Tonic bath: 10 gc in the bath water, emulsify with strong water stirring , then immerse for 10 minutes to take advantage of the decongestant action for the circulatory and lymphatic system

Internal use: max 1-2 drops on a teaspoon of honey against cough on a full stomach

Contraindications of cypress essential oil

Internal use of the essential oil is not recommended in pregnancy, lactation and in hyperestrogenic women.


Originally from the Mediterranean region, of large dimensions, the cypress is the typical tree of cemeteries because its roots, like those of all trees, have extension and development corresponding to the branches that make up the foliage at the surface, therefore, in the case of the cypress, coming down to melt in the earth, in a vertical way, does not interfere with the surrounding burials. Associated with the cult of the dead since ancient times, as a symbol of eternal life, it was considered sacred especially in Persia, the area in which Zoroastrianism spread (600 BC).

For the Greeks it was linked to mourning, that is to the pain that one feels due to the death of someone particularly loved, so much so that he is remembered in the myth of Ciparisso. This was a prince, graceful and of exceptional beauty, very dear to the sun god Apollo, who had taught him music, the use of the bow, and had given him a sacred animal: a deer with golden horns . One day during a hunting trip Ciparisso killed him by mistake, falling into a deep prostration. Apollo moved with compassion asked him to relieve his pain in some way. The distraught man replied that the only thing that would comfort him was to become immortal, to be able to weep his beloved deer forever. Thus Apollo wrapped him tightly in his green cloak; the tears that flowed incessantly from his eyes became small dark green leaves, and in a short time they covered the mantle and face of the young man, his feet hardened and sank into the ground, and there where he cried, an elegant cypress rose into the air.

The Romans and the Etruscans will take up the Greek heritage of the cypress as a sacred tree, linked to mourning and the funeral, as well as to ornamental motifs. In the Christian sphere, the cypress - together with the palm, cedar and olive - is considered one of the four woods with which the cross of Jesus was built.

The essential oil of cypress among the remedies against hemorrhoids

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