Emergency, the Australian first aid for flowers

Curated by Daniela Galbiati, naturopath

Emergency is the compound of the Australian Flowers of the Bush ( Australian Bush Flower Essences ) for moments of emergency, the Australian 'cousin' of the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It has an immediate calming effect on the mind, body and emotions, even during severe crises. If specific medical intervention is needed, Emergency becomes a valuable emergency remedy until medical treatment is available. Let's find out better.

Angelsword among the flowers of the Emergency compound

The composition of Emergency

The compound consists of the following flowers:

  • Angelsword, the sword of the angel (angel-sword) and the word of the angel (angel's word). This essence offers protection from external influences of any kind and helps to repair and clean what has already entered energetically in our personal field.
  • Crowea, present in many Compounds for its calming action on the mind and on the body that gives an intense sensation of well-being, peace and balance.
  • Dog Rose of the Wild Forces helps to control the most intense emotions, especially those that I breathe in a situation or in an environment, those around me (example: the news I listen to, the panic in an emergency situation). The flower gives calm, emotional balance, ability to control the intensity of the inner turmoil or the outward manifestations of the same.
  • Fringed Violet is another remedy of protection, in particular of the personal energy field (aura), from the effects of electromagnetic radiation, drugs, excessive use of technology (PCs, smartphones, cell phones, etc.), and from everything that can weaken our energies .
  • Gray Spider Flower is a specific essence for extreme fears, immobilizing panic and the terror that we cannot control. Helps gain confidence, calm and courage.
  • Sundew is specific for dissociation and therefore depersonalization, intended as a defense against reality in the event of real or perceived fears or dangers. Sundew reconnects us to reality with its long thin but strong stem, so as to take up the situation again and find the best strategy to face that moment.
  • Waratah, known as the flower of survival, for its natural strength, the blood-red color and the shape at the heart of its flower. It gives courage, tenacity, confidence, adaptability and survival force.

The following are also included in the cream and vaporizer formulations:

  • Slender Rice Flower, which gives tolerance, flexibility, desire for active listening, collaboration for the common good. This essence helps bring harmony and cooperation into a group and foster availability and harmony to allow us to see the different facets of a question or situation.
  • Spinifex, which has a cleaning action . It can therefore be an excellent adjuvant in case of candidiasis, fungal infections and herpes. It can be applied as a topical to the skin for acne, and eczema. By taking the remedy by mouth, it helps to stop the emotions that cause skin blisters on the surface. Emotional problems can then be solved with the appropriate floral essence. The skin is a projection screen of our internal world that we do not express

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Advice on use of Emergency

Drops : 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening, upon awakening and before falling asleep. 7 drops when needed, during the day.

Oral spray : 2 sprayed on the tongue.

In an emergency situation, 7 drops or 2 sprays after a few minutes until you find the calm to manage that moment or until help arrives, for example. They can also be applied to temples, lips and wrists.

This combination is especially suitable for experiences of fear, panic, severe mental and physical stress, nervous tension and pain. The usefulness of this combination covers a variety of needs, ranging from pre-examination anxiety, nightmares to agitation.

As with Stress Stop, it is one of the compounds that can be taken as needed, alone or simultaneously with other compounds or customized preparations.

The body cream and body spray are part of the Love System line of products for the skin with natural and organic ingredients. The spray is an excellent biological formulation for face and body to be used during periods of stress to rehydrate, tone and nourish the skin and the emotional level thanks to herbal extracts and floral essences. The cream is a further support.

Spray gently on the face (protecting the eyes) and body or apply a small amount of product on the palm of the hand and massage with a light pressure on the skin. In the environment, vaporize for any situation full of tension, like a difficult discussion, moments of sadness, work excesses, hyperkinesis or in any situation that needs immediate intervention.

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