Endometriosis: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Endometriosis is a disease that consists of the presence of islets of uterine mucosa (endometrium) disseminated in the various districts of the body: in the ovary, in the tubes, in the peritoneum, sometimes even in extra-abdominal territory.

The complications related to the tissue displaced outside the normal site are due to the fact that it grows anyway, to respond to hormonal stimuli, triggering chronic inflammation on the other organs . Endometriosis can be asymptomatic or manifest with symptoms such as pelvic pain, alteration of the cycle and infertility.







Feeding in case of endometriosis

Better to follow a vegetarian diet with an increase in fiber and liquids . Green light for whole grains in beans and legumes also combined in the same meal.

Yes to nuts, oilseeds, extra virgin olive oil, fresh and dried fruit . In detail we recommend apricots, melon, berries, wild rose berries, cherries, grapes, citrus fruits . Avoid caffeine, salt, animal fats and dairy products.

Herbal remedies

  • The fluid extract of Hamamelis virginia, the witch hazel is useful in case of blood loss at the menstrual period.
  • In the event that the trapped blood forms cysts, spirulina algae can be used which has immunostimulating properties due to its richness in mineral salts and trace elements.
  • Ribes nigrum is used to combat tissue inflammation.
  • To enhance the anti-inflammatory action, it is sometimes associated with Rosa canina .

Bach flowers for endometriosis

Chicory among Bach flowers is for those who are very attentive to the needs of others . It is also used in many female-related disorders such as problems related to any type of congestion or form of retention, development of mammillary nodules, endometriosis.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to traditional Chinese medicine, endometriosis is due to an alteration of the circulatory system and of the tissues related to liver and kidney .

Therapy therefore aims at the regularization of the menstrual cycle, the mobilization of Xue energy and the toning of Yin of Liver and Jing of Rene.

Homeopathy in case of endometriosis

In homeopathy, endometriosis is treated more often with Actaea racemosa 7 Ch, Chamomilla 9 CH, Magnesia Phosphorica 9 CH, Sobina 5 CH, Viburnum opulus 5 CH . The great variability of the symptoms requires a personalization of the homeopathic treatment.


The gymnastics for women that helps move the pelvic floor muscles is very important: stretching, isometric, isotonic gymnastics . Go ahead to all the activities that our nervous system loves, like yoga, tai chi chuan or swimming .


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