The nature that explodes in the heart of Paris

Nature is important to us. Some photographers of beats know it. If you are about to take a trip to Paris, you can't miss the Rue de Médicis and see a fantastic explosion of pure "methanation".

80 large portraits of the planet in which we live will breathe around the Jardin du Luxembourg until 15 January 2012, on the occasion of the Cœurs de nature project. Among the photographers, a very valid Italian, Martina Cristofani, a freelance professional who has already worked for Associated Press (2002-2003) - Ansa-Epa (2004-2008) - Prospekt (2009-2010) - Sipa Press (2010). We kidnapped her, between one check-in at the airport and another, to ask her a few questions.

How is the Cœurs de nature project born and what is the purpose?

The aim is to be able to make visible to all the paths within the reserves and to give way to anyone who wanted to or entertain a world that moves with other rhythms, other needs, finding time and space that in everyday life often we lose.

Your shots give us the light of a natural paradise: the Camargue. What of that place got into your cells?

The light ... certainly the light, it's awesome ... it doesn't look like Europe.

What was the recurring thought as you were immersed in the silence permeated by the sounds of the animal kingdom?

That I was happy.

That I was exactly where I wanted to be ... in peace, in every sense.

You are often traveling but living in Rome. Our country has wonders that resist the dark period that we seem to be living. What would you never stop photographing when you're in your city?

In my opinion there is nothing that is perpetually "valid" and therefore always photographable; there is a moment, a moment in which anything can become wonderful.

Photographing the planet is already a first step to push the viewer to respect the splendor in which we are wrapped. But what are the small actions that the Martina citizen of the globe does to reduce its impact?

Separate collection . Careful use of energy (light, water, computer).

I do not eat meat, not because I do not like it, but because I am convinced that, as the market revolves around it and how it is produced, it is necessary to rebel; the quality is very low since the quality of life of these animals is made indecent. It makes no sense to eat meat of this type and the production, which is excessive and crazy, is destroying an ecosystem already seriously in crisis.

The shot you would like and what you imagine, the shot you would like to make of tomorrow's Italy.

A place where, as happens in France for example, there is an enhancement of the spectacular territory that we have, which today is ignored abused and not loved, and which would instead have primacy in Europe, if only it were protected and we were all involved in this enhancement.

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