Improve sexual complicity with yoga

Several times during my experience as a teacher I happened to listen to girls or women who wanted to involve husbands or boyfriends who were reluctant to practice; men often hide in front of their friends' yogic invitations not even for real aversion or dislike, but for simple skepticism or shyness believing that their presence is not so important at a couple level.

Obviously every choice is respectable and, indeed, it is desirable that in a relationship there are different passions and attitudes. If, however, dear male friends, you believe that yoga cannot be a moment of love cultivation, you are wrong: studies show the effectiveness of the practice in understanding and sexual complicity.

The importance of yoga in the sexual sphere

Harvard researchers thought about the benefits of practicing yoga even in the field of sexuality through a study published a few years ago in the journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine .

A 12-position protocol was submitted to a group of women of child-bearing and sexually active age; at the end of the program they were asked to answer a questionnaire concerning sexuality as well: well, 75% said that they considered themselves more satisfied during the reports and that they experienced more intense orgasms.

Recently, another research group also confirmed the results obtained by Harvard scientists: the psychologist and instructor Susan Walsh coordinated a study at the Loyola University Health System concerning the relationship between yoga and couple life .

The doctor coined the term "Partner yoga " precisely to indicate a set of asanas, respirations, massages aimed at reviving eros .

Walsh's proposal is fully holistic and his intuition was precisely to make the various medical figures specialized in sexual well-being, psychologists, gynecologists, sexologists, and even yoga instructors collaborate .

From the synergy of the different competences, says the researcher, it is possible to unlock latent difficulties or solve real problems related to sexuality .

Limiting ourselves to the yogic aspect - to the "Yoga partner" to use the term coined by Walshi - " It is a way to help couples strengthen their relationship emotionally, physically and spiritually, to eventually build a deeper connection and improve sexual health "He explains.

As is evident from the words of the psychologist, the point is not to consider a position or a particular technique: the core of the question is to let oneself be enveloped by the practice together with one's partner with playfulness and lightness .

Relaxation, stress reduction, the widespread state of well-being that yoga offers are all ingredients that add flavor to eros and will help both men and women improve body perception, mutual knowledge and understanding .

Yoga as "Union", also of the couple

The web is full of material about the relationship between yoga and sexuality in terms that are mostly mind-blowing and circus-like. We want to detach ourselves from this amateur vision and invite you to consider the practice from a less usual point of view that is not limited to the mat, but extends to the real existence, in every aspect.

Yoga, we remember, is "union" : not only of the best known opposites (yin and yang, sun and moon, etc), but of all those concerning the human sphere . So, to put it in words of authorship, also " Between sacred love and profane love " closely embraced in the life of each one.

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