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There are now many alternatives to the classic cream of animal origin on the market, they are the so-called vegetable cream. But beware: not all are the same and not all are so healthy, let's see why right away.

Soy cream, rice cream, oat cream: to say organic and vegetable cream does not mean light cream, fat-free and necessarily healthy and natural. Even vegetable cream contains saturated and trans fats - in varying amounts depending on the product - and is often produced by refining and hydrogenation processes that make it not so healthy .

It is therefore important to read the labels : if writings like GMO free, organic soy cream, free of hydrogenated fats, low in saturated fats, preservatives and artificial flavors prevail, then you can think of eating it in moderation, as you would do with cream-based dishes, which should fit in a balanced and non-daily way within a healthy and balanced diet.

The best thing in any case, to ensure a healthy vegan or vegetarian ingredient, would be to make soy cream by itself. Here is a quick and convenient recipe.

Make soy cream

It is not difficult to make "netura" soy cream, which can be good for both savory and sweet dishes, here is the simple basic recipe.


> 100 g of organic soy milk;

> 250 g of organic corn or sunflower oil.


Pour the soy milk into a high-sided bowl, then add the oil gradually, operating the immersion blender at medium-high speed. Continue until the desired creaminess and consistency is reached. Let the cream rest in an airtight jar in the refrigerator before using for the various recipes; then, depending on the type of recipe, add salt or sugar to taste. It can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days .

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Cook with soy cream

Soy cream is useful in many dishes and dishes: it can be used to dress creamy pasta, such as pasta with cream, saffron and mushrooms, or pasta with cream, peas and tofu; excellent for stirring risottos or for seasoning vegetarian crepes; soya vegetable cream is also perfect for main courses, especially those in the Indian style, such as the delicious vegetable masala or the red lentil cream, which is combined with a white basmati rice to make a delicious single dish; finally it can be used to enrich desserts or not .

Curiosity: the soy cream "mounts" so well thanks to the lecithin it contains, which allows to create the emulsion that guarantees the aggregation between the milk and the oil.

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