How to choose a good dance school for your daughter

Dance is an excellent activity for children's leisure time for many good reasons:

> helps to carry out regular and correct physical activity ;

> favors a harmonious development of the body, teaches us to love it and treat it well ;

> is an educational medium, because there is a strong component of discipline ;

> is a form of personal and artistic expression and promotes the child's emotional development;

> helps create goals and strive to achieve and overcome them.

All this, however, is true only if you choose a qualified dance school. Dance, in fact, like all structured physical activities, if done badly and if the structure is not adequate could be harmful to the well-being of the body.

Criteria for choosing a good dance school

Most parents who decide to enroll their daughter or (more rarely, unfortunately) their child in a dance class do not have the technical skills to evaluate the school, so how is it done? We must rely on some common sense criteria that can help a lot:

> Observe the structure, which must be adequate. For example, it is very important that the floor is wood or linoleum and that it is suitable for the type of activity performed. Furthermore, there should be enough mirrors and bars, adequate changing rooms, heating and air conditioning systems, a small waiting room for parents. The hall or, better, the halls where the lessons are held must be sufficiently spacious.

> Talk to the teacher in charge of the school and learn about the qualifications she has. Are you a qualified teacher? What qualifications do you have? How much experience do you have? Also inquire about other teachers who collaborate with the structure; a school that makes use of specialized external collaborators certainly has an extra gear.

> Ask if it is possible to take a trial lesson and evaluate the reaction of the child. Make sure that there are courses appropriate to the age of the child or girl you wish to enroll. Also consider that the courses should not be too crowded.

> Go see the year-end essay. From the year-end essay of a dance school you can understand many things: the attention to details, for example, denotes a certain organization and so much seriousness, as well as an atmosphere of harmony and harmony is certainly a very valid indicator of a school that you can promote the psycho-physical well-being of your child or child.

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