Bach flowers against spring apathy

Does the yawn easy surprise us? Want to sleep in the afternoon? Do we get up in the morning with difficulty and feel tired? Are the initiative and the pro-activity fugitive? Do we procrastinate commitments and projects?

Don't worry, it is spring that with its tourbillon of natural awakenings catches us unprepared and our organism is all focused on chasing the new seasonal cycles with a profusion of chemical, neurovegetative, hormonal energies that exhaust our physical and psychic forces .

In these conditions of apathy we can resort to subtle and vibrational remedies that act on several levels and guarantee us a re-balance and a realignment with the awakening of nature: Bach flowers . Let's see some of them.

Olives for spring apathy

The olive flower is linked to a wide symbolism that ranges from the naturalistic to the religious one. The olive is a strong, leathery, long-lived shrub, which resists barren lands, arid climates: it represents strength, resistance, foresight.

It is a symbol of peace, of calm after the universal flood. In "The Twelve Healers and other remedies" Bach reports " for those who have suffered a lot in body and spirit and are so tired and exhausted that they no longer feel able to make any effort [...] for those who consider everyone's life the days are hard work ".

It is indicated for those facing the arrival of Spring after a season of great hardships, which has exhausted the physical and psychic forces. The awakening of nature is not read positively, but is experienced as a new great commitment to be faced and all physical forces have been employed and depleted.

Olive in these cases is " the Guarana" of flower therapy: it helps to manage its own strengths, to modulate them correctly and to put them in the field at the right time.

Discover Bach flowers for the disinterest of the present

Hornbeam for spring apathy

If you hate "Mondays", the morning is heavy, starting the day is very hard, then the fatigue is linked to Hornbeam.

It is an apathy, a difficulty of a mental nature, often linked to a sense of boredom, of repetitiveness, of inertia. Enthusiasm is dormant and the mere thought of getting tired.

An impulse is needed, an interesting stimulus that sweeps away apathy and awakens initiative, planning. The Hornbeam flower is therefore indicated to " those who believe they must fortify themselves in the body or mind " according to Bach.

Strengthen intentionality, the desire to get out of bed and face a new day, to open up to Spring and its renewal.

Wild Rose for spring apathy

The flower of the Rosa Canina is indicated by Bach for " those who for no apparent reason resign themselves to everything that happens and thus slip through life, take it as it comes, make no effort to improve it or achieve happiness. They surrendered to the adversity of life without complaining ”.

Who needs Wild Rose is apathetic, off, without interests and expectations . He does not want to experience spring renewal, he does not open up to new life, he does not feel the seasonal cycles, change.

Everything flows the same, inexorable, unchangeable and undergoes the flow in an inert manner. It is a mental condition that Wild Rose must break, move and excite.

How to use Bach flowers

If we want to use the ready-to-use vials, the dosage is 4 drops 4 times a day, upon awakening, before going to bed and in two moments during the day.

The drops must be taken under the tongue, where the absorption phase already begins and then swallowed. In synergy Bach flowers can also be used in toning baths, diluting 5 drops of floral remedy in a glass of water and poured into the tub.

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