Fat or enlarged liver? Here are the remedies

Today we deal with the liver, which can be "fat" or swollen, for different reasons.

Here are some natural remedies for fatty liver and liver .

Fatty liver: how and why

There is a much less easy medical name, and it is called " hepatic steatosis ", and it is about the invasion of fat in the liver cells.

It is normal for there to be fat in the liver cells, but it becomes pathological if the fat is present in a clear majority. In this situation, in fact, the liver works less well because its cells are occupied by fat and the metabolism proceeds slowly .

The liver is the "purifier" par excellence of our body and if its functionality decreases, the whole organism suffers . One feels tired, fatigued, and in some cases the liver itself becomes enlarged. A highly inflamed and fatigued liver can degenerate into cirrhosis, with fibrous consistency, hardening, and consequent liver damage.

Fatty liver: 8 natural remedies

There is no pharmacological treatment, you need a change of diet! This is the motto of hepatic steatosis.

Fatty liver is not a real disease but, as we have seen, it is much healthier to reduce this fat content. Such as?

Nutrition plays the main role, along with alcohol consumption. For better or for worse. That is, it is an incorrect diet - with excess animal fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates - the cause of fatty liver. It is always the power and the remedy .

Here are some natural remedies for fatty liver:

  1. Drastically reduce alcohol, eliminate spirits. Limit yourself to a glass of wine or a small beer once / twice a week during the meal;
  2. Avoid simple sugars : no white sugar, sugary drinks, candies, chocolates, crunchy cookies at any time of day. But also no to the chips, pizzas, focaccia and various salted snacks;
  3. Replace the cereals (rice bread dough) refined with their full version ;
  4. Drink lots of water ;
  5. Replace animal fats (butter, lard, lard) with the corresponding vegetable amounts in small quantities (cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil or flaxseed or pumpkin seeds), no more than 2-3 tablespoons per day;
  6. Drastically reduce fat cheeses, replace with ricotta, goat cheese, or soy-based products;
  7. Every day, eat three portions of vegetables and two of fruit, fresh and in season
  8. Prefer white meat and fish, to alternate with legumes.

When does the liver itself require purification and how to do it?

The enlarged liver: how and why

Also in this case there is a medical term: it is called " hepatomegaly " meaning "enlarged liver" and in itself it is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying pathology.

The diseases that can lead to enlargement of the liver are for example liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, mononucleosis, hepatic congestion, but also tumors and leukemia.

The enlarged liver: 5 natural remedies

There are no remedies for the enlarged liver, as the disease that caused it must be diagnosed first and then treated. In general, for the prevention and support of liver diseases, it is good:

  1. Not smoking
  2. Limit or eliminate alcohol intake
  3. Do not abuse drugs
  4. Maintain a healthy diet
  5. Practice physical exercise regularly

Some natural remedies to support the functionality of the liver are the milk thistle, the artichoke, the Omega-3 .

The infusion of flue can be useful, in doses of two cups a day.

Artichoke, friend of the liver in case of dysfunction

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