Children: school is beautiful

The school is beautiful. Many interesting things are learned at school. School is a place full of friends. A lot of colorful and fun objects are used at school. Going to school is an adventure that offers so many discoveries.

Children and school get along better if it is put in positive terms. Sometimes, the hostility of children towards school arises from the way they are presented to them by adults. A negative attitude on the part of parents can severely affect the relationship of children with school and also learning.

Children and school: how to encourage them to study

Often the most critical moment for children (and parents) is not so much going to school in itself, but doing homework . If we assume that the tasks are not torture and if we are deeply interested in the school experience of our children, studying will become more pleasant and all family life will benefit greatly in terms of serenity.

First of all, it would therefore be good not to appear bored but, on the contrary, interested in the subjects being studied at school: what did you do today? What have you talked about? Asking to see books and notebooks and putting the subject studied at the center of a discussion between adults and children, perhaps trying to actualize it and relate it to everyday life .

Sometimes it can be useful to tell an anecdote about one's past school life; children are often interested in this type of story. Noting the interest of their parents, the little students will feel more confident and more encouraged to do well.

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Children and school: what to do to improve performance

Children and school are sometimes a complicated combination, especially when, for example, there are school problems and you get a bad grade or a note. Of course, it can happen to everyone and everyone reacts differently, also based on the frequency and gravity of the situation.

It is however very important not to subject children to a comparison between their academic performance and that of their companions: at the center of the parent's interest there must always be his own child, not another child considered perhaps better.

If you notice serious difficulties, or even in case of doubt, it might be useful to talk about it with the teachers, trying to understand which are exactly the aspects in which the child is weakest and which are his strong points instead; once the situation has been analyzed it will be easier to help him in a targeted manner.

It is true: sometimes time is lacking, but often it is enough to carve out a half hour a day to take a look at the homework, take a folder, books and notebooks with the children, and chat with them.

The really important thing is to do all this with joy, trying to convey positive feelings ; in this way it is very likely that children see the school as a beautiful place and feel better disposed towards study, with a great advantage for the serenity and well-being of the whole family.

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