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We are cells and the reality we live could (should?) Mean to put ourselves at the service of what nourishes us. The earth feeds us. We talk with Massimo Giudetti, who at the Casale in Lunigiana, together with other wonderful people, sends forward a synergistic vegetable garden of surprising wealth.

Taking a ride with him among the plants changes the perception of time, which takes on a connotation of pure value. A dialogue with a man who creates abundance, builds experience and not only.

Massimo, you say we are cells. Explain to us in what sense

Think of the functioning of the cell on a biological level, it is an electric field. Very briefly, it happens that a cell transmits electricity to the adjacent one. So many cells together form a tissue; think of stem cells, which react according to the organ or bone they are attached to. The cell reacts to the environment, we react to the environment .

Our perception influences the body's reaction. The disease develops through an emotional system; if we think of cancer, before the manifest stage, the disease gives us many signals. In fact, a diseased cell generates metamorphosis starting from episodes of lowered immune defenses repeated over time.

Cells work in two ways: openness and protection.

Relaxation is an essential condition for opening.

Know a plant. It takes time and love. How is this different than knowing a human being?

In nothing it is different, it is always a vibrational field . To know means to observe, to look, to let what we observe enter into it. Nature teaches it: before creating, building, there is to enter into connection . It is not a question of going to a ritual or celebration, no, those are instruments that have become perverse.

Getting in connection means going to a place and staying in that place. To observe. The system is based on the control of resources that we know are insufficient. Not only: it gradually takes away our ability to adapt . We need to find new resources, there is a need for adaptation, hygiene and cleanliness. It will also require technological cleaning, what we do not need is eliminated.

If you had to summarize in a few words the functionality of the synergistic garden compared to other forms of cultivation, what would you say?

The synergistic vegetable garden means a return to nature . The garden creates a constant dependence on love, product quality and beauty. If I care about one thing, that thing automatically destroys itself or I become its slave. This highlights how easily we load an object with emotional power, forgetting how important non-attachment to things is.

Each object has its own cycle. The garden reminds us constantly. If I sow, say, tomatoes and the plant gets sick, patience. I have the tops, the fennel, ready. The peasant is the one who takes care - not that he worries - of starting a seed and continuing. Just an eggplant and infuse love into the things you do, you get used to living in adaptation serving the environment that is your teacher.

Connecting with the environment means entering the frequency where everything comes to you when it arrives. It is a question of reprogramming a constant presence with respect to what we have available.

To say, I have a long-ripe apple, it does not mean that I throw the apple, but maybe the use cooked, or I get what I can from his state of progress. I use that apple differently, differently. Obviously the food to be vibrant is good to be caught when its vibration is stronger.

But how do people who live in the city do?

The city is conceived as a prison but in reality it is full of abandoned places, abandoned industries, areas to be redeveloped. People and ideas redevelop these places. Nourishment is the ideas and communities that experience them, evaluating resources. For example, there are an infinite number of plants capable of cleaning up soils chemically, such as savory or marigold.

We need to experiment according to a holistic view based on resources, to create one of the many alternatives to this system. In sharing, the idea of ​​individual sovereignty returns, of a nucleus that allows us to experiment, create and recognize the talents of the cells that compose it.

Here is how the green spaces in Milan are recovered, and not only

"Your mind is like the land of a garden." The sentence is by David Schwartz. Can you give us your vision?

This sentence could mean that the earth teaches you that it doesn't want to stay naked, it gets full. You will always cover yourself. I spiàno, I insert what I eat and the earth accepts it, if the transplant is accepted, the plant develops. To connect means to speak with the earth, which is linked to the conscience of each one. Establish a dialogue that sounds more or less like: I insert this in respect of you, I ask you before and then I do it because we live in symbiosis.

There is abundance in the expansion.

You decide what you let us in, what you let in then play it back. Today we are not sovereigns of what we want to do.

When you understand how it works in the whole of things, you understand that you are connected to everything around you, there is everything that moves around you and inside. What you put is what you will find. What I bring in I assimilate it. Consciousness is the true engine of the body. What is outside is the product of a mechanism of the mind that can come into conflict with consciousness.

It seems that working in the garden for you is a continuous discovery and experimentation ...

Take all this great talk about chromotherapy. We can talk about it as much as you want, read us books, but I don't know if you realize that as you set foot in this garden there is every color with its vibration.

The synergistic vegetable garden has also been studied to have it in pots, in agriculture. Working with the plant intercropping, do a job on yourself yourself, in synergy with smells, perfumes, essences.

The earth continually creates abundance. Each apple is seeds, the same for tomatoes. I repeat, the earth has plenty.

What does it mean that the synergistic vegetable garden is a work that concerns the subtle energies that live there?

I am interested in everything related to self-sufficiency, the experience that creates an alternative. I have placed myself in reliance on what are the subtle energies that continue to manifest their presence.

We are subtle energies, it is the environment that modifies us. Take a child, he himself would not have anxieties or fears that derive not from a fault of the potential parent, but from his actual lack of knowledge, from his conditioning. A child is naturally drawn to the things around him. Leave a child in a vegetable garden and you will see that he will be instinctively attracted by the edible, therapeutic ones.

We need to understand that a child is a common good, the parent has had the gift of bringing him into this plan, but the world and the child are one, he is from a community and his personal talent will emerge within that community, in a natural way, without suffering or great inner conflicts, he will build his life on the experience for which he came here, he will do something he likes.

Rbe10k project. What's this?

Rbe10k is an ambitious project that comes off a bit from the Venus project . It was created to create a group of 10, 000 people who self-financing themselves with 10, 000 euros each generate the tools to create a village based only on resources . The project started in January and is active with training via the internet. It is based on the support of external people who can contribute their help skills. It is a unique, global event that exploits all the media tools.

Everything that can enter this experiment is used to create a new city that starts without the 10, 000 euros of entry. This self-sufficient reality would develop over a period of three years and will include permaculture, synergistic vegetable garden and energy in autonomy.

The spirit is: create experience in what you do.

It is a question of understanding what the system is, but do not fear further, doing things. Loneliness and anger in relation to the system goes well in a first phase, but then it is necessary to observe what has been done by those who came before you, to let the others you have informed continue that road.

An holistic vision is to take everything there is, to live as part of this dimension using all the tools that this world has made available to us, to be the whole, not to say it or think it, but to be it, to become aware that we are part of a everything, we are an organism, we cannot proceed fluently if we live in separation. Becoming this means becoming responsible. Adults. Do not refer to others.

Demand is the tendency of society. Producing a change avoids reliving the same cycles, creating an experience; we are on this planet for this.

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