Ayurvedic remedies against psoriasis

Elbows, head, knees, back: that's where it affects the annoying itch that blushes the skin, making it dry and scaly, psoriasis .

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disorder, often associated with stress and unregulated life and seen as a psychosomatic manifestation, psoriasis symptoms can be treated in different ways.

Even oriental medicine can help those who try to fight it day after day: in fact, ayurveda has developed techniques of treatment and control against psoriasis.

What is ayurveda?

Ayurvedic medicine, "science of life", practiced in India for more than 5 thousand years, is a holistic system of diagnosis, treatment and therapy, which includes natural therapies and the consideration of the mind, body and spirit as a one to preserve in equilibrium and that puts in place a very personalized approach for the treatment of the various pathologies.

The key to understanding ayurveda is the individual constitution ( Prakryti ), and once identified it allows us to establish personal profiles, which take into account the strength and weakness of the individual subject, his ability to heal and his personal sensitivity to illness. So here we start to find out why an individual is being affected in his outermost organ, the skin, rather than another.

Learn more about the link between psoriasis and nutrition

Causes of psoriasis for ayuveda

Psoriasis generally affects between 15 and 25 years, in a more or less serious way. About a third of people with psoriasis generally already have family cases.

Ayurveda sees psoriasis as an imbalance between Vata and Kapha Dosha . The causes of disorder of these Doshas can be different: sudden stress or severe trauma; improper nutrition, incorrect combination of foods, or dishes that should not be eaten together in the same meal; excessive consumption of certain foods such as black beans, seafood, sugars, yogurt, food that is too acidic, too salty or too heavy in general ; baths or showers with cold water immediately after doing heavy exercise; missed out on natural physiological needs.

Ayurveda aims to cure psoriasis by implementing different phases. First, it aims to detoxify the body through a process known as Panchakarma . This includes the consumption of ghee (clarified butter) medicated considering the condition of the person and the severity of the phenomenon. In addition, a stream of medicated whey on the forehead ( dhara ) and poultices of medicated pastes or ointments on the affected area are also used. Another medicine is constituted by enteroclisms .

Yoga and meditation are highly recommended to rebalance physical and spirit. There are also other internal medicines such as: manjisthadi vati, bakuchi capsules, arogyavardhini tablets, or tablets that promote good health, all prepared ayurvedic.

Symptoms and natural cures for psoriasis of the hands

Prevent to cure

According to Ayurveda, other factors that can be triggered must also be eliminated: do not use chemical soaps for cleaning the skin, prefer Aleppo soap or olive oil, for example.

Take a daily bath to remove flakes and irritation, drying gently. The sun must be taken in the right measure.

Also consider the use of Neem oil, which removes itching and is good against dandruff and the presence of psoriasis on the scalp.

Psoriasis of the scalp, remedies to alleviate it

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